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Cross Stitch

Yes, I enjoy cross stitching. So, I decided to start taking some pictures of my work. I don't have pics of everything since I've been cross stitching since I was 8 and I just recently started taking pics and I have in the past given them out as gifts, etc. But here is a good sample of them!

My Current Project

Here are the progress pics for my current project, The Last Supper, inspired by the painting by DaVinci.

Dec. 11, 2004, 3 days progress

Dec. 20, 2004

I first made this piece for a friend when she was getting married. Her wedding, unfortunately, ended up being canceled the week of, and I'm not sure what she ever did with it. But after Jason and I got married, I made ourselves one! I still need to get it framed and hang it up.

Jason picked this one out, and it became our first decorative wall hanging when we started living together. It is still up in our living room.

This one technically isn't finished. I still need to do some of the backstitching (aka outlining, accenting) but I haven't worked on it in a few years, so one day I'll finish it up.

This one obviously isn't finished. I decided I didn't like it that much after I started it. I don't think I'll ever finish it since it was a kit and I don't have all the same colors (since the kit doesn't say exactly what color they were) but it didn't hit me how nice it could have been till I took this picture about 1 1/2 years after I decided to not finish it.

I think this one is so cute! The similarity in color of the fabric and the rabbits though drove me nuts! You couldn't really see the rabbits until I oulined them.

To date, this is definitely the one I am most proud of because it is my biggest and most complex design. I started it in the fall of 2002 and finished it around the hurricanes of this year 2004. I did put it down for a while and not work on it for a long time. This is a Christmas gift for Jackie...she hasn't seen the finished product yet unless she looks on here, but I wanted to hurry and post the pic anyway! It is a Paula Vaughan design called 'sisters'.

Here are some progress pics and up close pic of the 'sisters' one that I loved completing!


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