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Plastic Cowboy Model Trucks November 2002 Page One

Rick Mark's scratchbuilt Oshkosh refuel/defuel military tanker.


Ben Gifford's short hood Diamond Reo dumper.


Ben Gifford's Peterbilt cruiser.


Christophe Solecki's wrecker and wrecked tractor. Christophe sent a close up of the wrecked tractor, the image was corrupted and I couldn't load it, but it was a beautiful wreck!


John Puhl's International DCF405 "Emeryville" conventional. This is the first Emeryville conventional I've seen (besides my own) built with the cab that I made the pattern for, Wow! John this is nice!~Tim


Louis Rosado's Mad Max style Mack Road Warrior


My 1970 International Transtar co/4070 cabover daycab.

I painted this in November of 2001, and never got around to finishing it. I saw a Transtar like this as a kid, a neighbor drove one, and he would bring it home and wash it from time to time. I vividly recall watching him paint the white arrows on the bumper one day. Funny, the things we remember.

The 7up logos are from Microscale decals.