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Plastic Cowboy Model Trucks November 2002 Page Two

Nate Gieselman sent me photos of a 1969 Peterbilt "Uni-Lite" Cabover. The Unilite COE looks similar to the Pacemaker COE in AMT's kit, but is really entirely different. Here's the real truck

And here is Nate's version using an AMT T502 Peterbilt Pacemaker 352.

Nate's work on his older Peterbilt COE inspired me to do a 1960's Peterbilt COE. While Nate's is gleaming clean, mine is filthy and worn. The very first Peterbilt 352 cabover I saw (in '71?) was well used, faded paint, dirty, but still a nice truck.

My early 60's Peterbilt "Uni-Lite" 352 COE. Built from a junked built-up and the parts box. NO fresh-kit parts were used to rebuild this! Only fresh styrene for the body panels, aluminum for the stacks, and some resin, plus bent stainless steel (thanks Robby) for the mirror brackets.

I moved the fuel tanks up closer to the cab, added chains, spare tire.

The paint was scuffed and sanded for a weathered look.

Around the doors, steps and the battery box I scuffed the paint off, and added a touch of silver paint to simulate bare metal.

Here's a fairly stock AMT Pete Pacemaker 352, a 1975, and the early 1960's version for comparison.

Thanks Nate for the Inspiration! Thanks Robby for the brochure. Thanks to H.M. for telling me my first 60's Uni-Lite was all wrong! ~Tim


Matt Schellie's White Freightliner in Budwieser colors.


V12's International Transtar II Eagle cabover.


Krystal G's Aussie Autocar.