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Plastic Cowboy Model Trucks - June 2002

Here's a beast we don't see very often. Guido Kehder sent this great looking International PayHauler dumper using the old rare Ertl kit.


Christian Gottschlich just finished this set of PIE (Pacific Intermountain Express) doubles, with a KW K100 daycab. A nice representation of the "fallen flag" fleet.


Dave Simon's Peterbilt.


Tim Ahlborn's Fruehauf Plated Tanker. I used an old AMT T512 kit, added extra axles for a Michigan Special look, used modified Revell-Germany rear fenders, made new rear bumper and taillight mounts, added front fenders, 3 RNK Tool Boxes, and Microscale Sinclair Gas Station decals (HO train items). The old Plated Tanker kit almost looks modern! It's attached to a Chevy Titan90, with a resin 12v71 Detroit Diesel, dual breathers, wide front tires, and matching Sinclair logos


The next photos are from Chis Hall

Western Star

Freightliner conventional

Trimac Kenworth K100

Steel City KW K100.

I live near the US/Canadian border, and the Trimac and Steel City KW's are exactly what I used to see around here!

Hayes Clipper Cabover by Chris Hall and Doug McKenzie. Doug started the Hayes in the 80's, with an original AIM (Jim Etter) cab. (still available from MTFA). Doug shelved the project until Chris promted him to get back at it. The Clipper is still missing a few items.

Check Chris Hall's photo collection on


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