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Plastic Cowboy Model Trucks - June 2002 Page Two

Kenworth W900 flat top in 1/16th scale by Mike Perhach.


Christian Gottschlich's race team truck.

Christian's Kenworth T600.


Tim (your friendly Plastic Cowboy webmaster) Ahlborn's 1961 Ford H-1000 cabover. The H series "Two Story Falcon" Ford is a conversion from Spaulding Trading and Shipping. The drom is made from a junked AMT Moving van (thank's Rick!). The NAVL logos were made from a photograph, scanned in, and corrected for perspective, color and size, then printed out.


Mark Wilson's latest addition to his logging fleet. If you ever wonder where all the old AMT Peerless log trailer kits have gone.. now we know!


Wade Beck's Kenworth W900

Wade's Peterbilt 359. Love the "droopy visor!"


Tim Ahlborn's late 70's Peterbilt 359-119 Set Back Front Axle tractor.

Wheels and tires are from RNK Conversions, as are the tool boxes (left and right), and the caub guard.

The 5th wheel is from Clint Freeman Componants, and the hood, bumper and grille are cast copies from Bobby Griffen. The hood/grille/bumper are items I made for myself, and sent to Bobby to cast copies of.

I modified the cab's windshield to represent the "Severe Service" option, which gave the 70's and 80's Peterbilts a steel roof and windshield mask (surround). Paint is Duplicolor and PlastiKote (ford burnt orange). Microscale decal pin stripes. "Rockford Paper Mills" company name from an old IMC Dodge kit.


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