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Several months ago I plotted out a story about revolution
in the United States.  The story was to be written in the form
of news reports and editorials produced by a fictional internet
news agency (the DNA or Dissemination News Agency).  At
that time I mentioned the idea of posting the fictional reports
on anarchoprop.  The replies I received were favorable to the
idea.  And so I moved ahead with the project.

Actually, the story stalled out through the summer and the better
part of fall as other matters and other stories demanded my time.
A month ago I finally took up this project and fleshed out the
plot line.  It was my decision to leave names and characters out
of the story, focusing instead on the events themselves.  This should
help to keep the story from becoming dated.

Liberties were also taken in portraying the US public as class
conscious and informed.  Without making this assumption, this
story would not be about a revolution... it would be about a
fascist takeover.  In writing this story, one thing which has been
driven home for me yet again is that the chances of fighting off
fascism are very slim unless the public at large is provided with
an accessible alternative to the news and history which they are
offered by the mass media, by the schools, by the government
and by their employers.

This story is really a kind of performance piece (as is all writing),
in that the project takes fulfillment as I email it out through the
internet and everyone reacts to it.  It is not my intention to create
a panic with these posts, though I am quite eager to draw
attention to the direction we are taking in this world.  In any
case, I want to make it quite clear that these reports are not real,
nor do they constitute a hoax.  They are simply a piece of fiction
written for entertainment and in an effort to stimulate dialog.


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