Babblestone a fishing isle north of New Warrick.  See the Atlas of the Middle Isles

Battle of the Broken Spears occurred after the Widge had defeated the Gaohund people and had driven them to the Waning Islands in the 9000s.  Once off the continent, most Gaohund thought the Widge would relent, but when they pursued them to the fourth island in the chain, the Gaohund knew it was a war of extermination.  On southern Kaiwitz, in July of 9071, Coohey urged them to turn about and make a stand.  There amid the rocks known as the Broken Spears, they inflicted such a defeat on the Widge that they were left alone for almost two hundred years.  Historians often credit Coohey with saving the Gaohund from extinction.  For its location, see the Atlas of the Western Isles

Battle of Kerdal Pass January of 10193, See the Atlas of the Western Isles

Battle of Western Sea January of 10193, occurring just before the Battle of Kerdal Pass. 

Bedford of the Green Islands was the furthest town along the Gaohund main archipelago.  It was the hometown of Admiral Holliston Green and of Thomas Haynin Green.  See also Green Islands

Bent Harbor
was a town near the city of Milbrew, both of which are on Tone Bay, on the island of Stanton; home of Jane Alexander; tough neighborhood. 

Beringinold Gap
was a wide strait between Irin and the Western isles.  See also The Atlas

was a small, low-lying island north of Irin,

and a county of Irin.  It was not densely populated, and those that live here are mostly fisherfolk.  See the Atlas of Irin and Surrounding Isles.   

Breston Academy
was the central learning establishment of the Gaohund.  The buildings of Breston rose from a low, expansive hill, its slopes slightly steeper on the southern side than the north.  Its white buildings rose in height as the hill did, until in the exact center of that almost spherical mound, the tallest and largest structure stood - a circular edifice topped with an immense shallow dome of pink granite.  "That's the areola," Thomas told her.  The Academy's architecture has tall glass, reminiscent of both a greenhouse and a cathedral.  It was gray in tones, so that it matches the Eldar palette.  Statues, also gray, remind one of the past.  The rebels will smash both glass and statues.  See the Atlas of the Middle Isles

Brick was one of the Middle Islands.  Its chief industry was originally brick, made from the rich sedimentary deposits there, but also fine ceramics.  See the Atlas of the Middle Isles

Burturk an ancient nation of Gaohund existing on the continent before the Great Retreat

Canikam Gap was the wide straits between the Green Islands and Forestal   

Captain's Monument
was erected at the eastern end of Lowens Park, New Warrick, in memory of those who fell resisting the Widge invasion. 

Clarkston Institute was the Captain's officer's training school.  It was located on the tip of  Irin's Tirin Penin