Breadstone is a small, low-lying island north of Irin, and a county of Irin. It is not densely populated, and those that live here are mostly fisherfolk.
Irin is the largest of the Gaohund Islands.  Irinish tend to be tall and thin, wear no jewelry or finery, carry walking staves and knapsacks, and eat dishes with onions. They also tend to be reticent and taciturn. Tolden is beef and so are the lower elevations. Higher elevations are sheep. Coal is mined in the hills. Irin Cuisine: cheeses, heavy crackers or non-sweet breads and cakes, often with seeds and cracked grains; fish, often salted or steaks; poultry soups with vegetables; steamed vegetables roast birds; occasionally beef or mutton. Sausage or cubed meats in their vegetable hashes, or in soups of rice and black beans or black-eyed peas. They love baked and buttered squash.
East Irin
East Irin is an island just east of Irin, and a county of Irin.