Get a Title--not just the topic

How to Write a Great Title

How to Write a Conclusion

The main title is short and catchy. 
Use the largest font on the page. 
The sub-title is more detailed and includes specific topic covered in the essay.  Don't make it a question; make it a strong statement. 
Use a font that is smaller than the main title but larger than the normal text of the paper. 

Below are suggested tactics to use in creating catchy main titles.

Alliteration   (words with a repetition of initial letters)

Legalize the Leaf
Marijuana Should be Decriminalized in the United States of America


Bad for America, Bad for World Economy,
Bad for the Environment
Why The United States was Justified in Rejecting the Kyoto Treaty


Which Way Out?
The Difficulties of Withdrawing from Foreign Wars

DON'T use a question title to merely state your debate!


The Fake in the Lake
Why it is Physically Impossible for a Plesiosaur-Like Animal to Exist in Loch Ness

Prepositional phrases

Under the Gun
The Dangers of Neglecting to Enforce Gun-Control Laws on the Inner Cities

Quotations (from famous sources, from the subject of the paper)

"Don't Ask, Don't Tell"
The Failure of Homosexual Integration in the American Military

"To Infinity, And Beyond!"
Why Space Exploration is Vitally Important to the Human Race


Shucks, I'm Pregnant
Abortions and Why Women Should Have the Choice in Specific Circumstances

Graveyard of the Atlantic
Evidence Shows that Paranormal Activity is Causing Disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle

Superlatives (the highest, the fastest, the lowest, the swiftest, the most)

The Highest Calling
Why Action in Afghanistan and Iraq Hasn't Slackened Volunteer Enlistment