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New Books and Reviews


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New Book Reviews 


Somewhat Difficult



Alexander, Larry. Biggest Brother. Nal Caliber.

  Biggest Brother is a book about Richard Winters, the commander of Easy Company during WWII. The book pretty much tells his whole life story, but is mainly focused on the war. What sets Winters apart from other leaders is that he cares about his men and knows their life is in his hands. He takes great pride in being a good leader and showing his men hes there for them. The book also talks about his jobs and tough situations after the war. It also talks about how Winters all of a sudden got famous in 2001 when HBO released the famous mini-series Band of Brothers. He received fan mail everyday and toured the states speaking to schools and other people about leadership. He also got to meet the president multiple times and become close friends with Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, and the actors who portrayed him and his buddies in Band of Brothers. I would recommend this book to anyone who has seen Band of Brothers or is interested in WWII.


Moderate difficulty



Spear, Elizabeth George.  Sign of the Beaver.  Scholastic.       

        Young Matt, only 13 years old, was abandoned in his parents home out in the wilderness, after being told they would return.  Less then a week after they left, a snow storm sets in and he is stranded alone fighting for his life against mother nature.  Follow along as Matt struggles to find food and waits the arrival of his parents.  Will he survive or will he starve to death in his attempts?  Few months after being alone Matt runs into a little help supposedly sent by a god.  Attean is a young native living on the land nearby, and together they fight the wilderness and help each other to success.     



Robert Chmb.

Mazer, Harry.  Heroes Dont Run.

After his dad was killed at the infamous attack Pearl Harbor, Adam Pelko joins the United States Marine Corps in search of getting revenge and bringing honor to his Family. This it the third and final book of Harry Mazers series. The writer of this book seems inexperienced and clueless to what war really is, compared to other war stories like Fallen Angels Under A War Torn Sky, and The Red Badge of Courage, This story ranks at the bottom. Anyone who like to vomit should read this  book 



Robert Chmb.

Coming Of Age

Paulson, Gary.  Dancing Carl.

Not much is known about Carl, other than he lives in a warming cabin near the ice rinks, but that all changes once the hockey season of 1958 comes along. This first person novel is about a boy and his friend Willy and there Questions about Carl, why does he dance on the ice rinks, why is he living in Minnesota, and why is his behavior so odd. This is a very powerful book because of the story behind Carl and by what the main character finds out about Carl later in the story. I recommend this story to everyone, especially hockey fans.    



w Titles in the English Room    

New Books in Mr. Greenlee's Room 

leGuin, Ursula.


Bunting, Eve.

Jumping the Nail.  

Lavender, William

Just Jane. 

Antoinne de St. Expury

The Little Prince.


Angelou, Maya.

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.  

Austen, Jane.

Sense and Sensibility.  


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New Books and Reviews


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