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Angelina Weld Grimke

Angelina Weld Grimk was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on February 27, 1880, to Archibald Grimk and Sarah Stanley. Archibald was the son of a White man and a Black slave, and her mother was from a prominent White family. Angelina was named after her great-aunt, Angelina Grimk Weld, the famous abolitionist and womens rights advocate.

In 1902, Angelina graduated from the Boston Normal School of Gymnastics with a degree in PE. She worked as a gym teacher up until 1907, when she began to teach English.

Throughout her teaching career (she retired in 1926), Angelina wrote poetry and fiction on top of the love letters she wrote to Mamie Burrill.

At sixteen she wrote to Mamie:
I know you are too young to become my wife, but I hope, darling, that in a few years you will come to me and be my love, my wife! How my brain whirls how my pulse leaps with joys and madness when I think of these two words, my wife.

Angelina hid her lesbianism from her father. Therefore, much of her poetry was not published until after she died.

Leaves, that whisper, whisper ever,
Listen, listen, pray;
Birds, that twitter, twitter softly,
Do not say me nay;
Winds, that breathe about, upon her,
(Since I do not dare)
Whisper, twitter, breathe unto her
That I find her fair.

Rose whose soul unfolds white petaled
Touch her soul rose-white;
Rose whose thoughts unfold gold petaled
Blossom in her sight;
Rose whose heart unfolds red petaled
Quick her slow heart's stir;
Tell her white, gold, red my love is;
And for her,--for her.

I love your throat, so fragrant, fair,
The little pulses beating there;
Your eye-brows' shy and questioning air;
I love your shadowed hair.
I love your flame-touched ivory skin;
Your little fingers frail and thin;
Your dimple creeping out and in;
I love your pointed chin.
I love the way you move, you rise;
Your fluttering gestures, just-caught cries;
I am not sane, I am not wise,
God! how I love your eyes!

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