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Experimenter's Tesla Turbine


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First Prototype Tesla Turbine Photos

Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla's boundary layer disk turbine


10-inch Tesla Turbine for Boundary Layer Turbine Studies... and More!

Learning about Tesla turbinesPNGinc's Tesla Turbine is a multi-fluid capable boundary layer turbine with 10-inch diameter stainless steel disks. The small-horsepower turbine is designed to be upgraded to a turbo co-generator system in the future, and used in conjunction with our Ultra-clean Burning Waste Oil Furnace to produce emergency heat & electricity.

Tesla turbine plans & components may be made available at a later date in the event we collect sufficient customer interest in these products. 

More information on the scientific principles used to design this prototype is available on the online Phoenix Turbine Builders Club at This is a free resource for turbine enthusiasts who want to learn how to build a low-cost Tesla turbine.

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