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Experimenter's Tesla Turbine Pre-production Product Details


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10-inch diameter stainless steel rotors

Aluminum case, high quality materials

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 Experimenter's Tesla Turbine Assembly
expturbine1b.jpg (45438 bytes)
Internal Shaft Assembly Details

02/10/03 Update:
All CAD drawings and DXFs are in the hands of our manufacturer. As soon as he gets back with his quote we will post a TT Kit price online and begin to notify those who have already signed up.

01/14/03: PNGinc is currently working with a local manufacturer to finalize pricing on our Experimenter's Tesla Turbine Kit. This TT Kit is a serious research tool designed for learning about the scientific principles behind the "engine of the 21st century".

In order to deliver this high-quality engine to the global engineering community at an affordable price, we are keeping our costs low. Other than some limited machining on our part, these kits are basically shipped as we receive them from the manufacturer. 

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