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Newspaper and other Published Articles.


Cass County

1896 Cass County Pioneer Picnic (Many names listed here!)
This article has over 125 persons named with lots of vital records information. A must-see if you have ancestors that lived in Cass County!

Kalamazoo County

Supplement to The Vicksburg Commercial, Part 1 or Part 2.
This article appeared in the Aug. 8, 1884 edition of The Vicksburg Commercial. It contains a brief history of the town and short biographies of many of its citizens. (In two parts)
List of Teachers Granted Certificates in Kalamazoo in 1883-84.
This listing was printed in the September 26, 1884 edition of The Vicksburg Commercial.
Excerpts from the November 11, 1892 edition of the Vicksburg Commercial.

St. Joseph County

Excerpts from an early edition of The Western Chronicle.
The first newspaper published in Three Rivers, dated Wednesday, January 20, 1864.
List of St. Joseph County Draftees, Nov. 4, 1863
This article is interesting not only to see who was drafted, but also for the article on the draft itself. It is surprising to read nowadays what was being said about the President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln!
Excerpt from the Three Rivers Reporter, April 8, 1876.
Information about local election results throughout the county, as well as a few legal notices.

Van Buren County

The Lawton Leader. or Part 2.
Excerpts from numerous early editions, in two parts. Much information from surrounding towns, including Gobles, Lawrence, Decatur, Paw Paw, and others.


La Porte County

Michigan City Gazette.
Excerpts from the Wednesday, May 5th, 1841 edition.
Michigan City Weekly Dispatch.
Excerpts from early editions.

Articles from The LaPorte Union newspaper.
The 1854 LaPorte County Fair.;
See if your great-greatgrandfather(mother) won a prize at the fair!
Political and Social Issues in 1854.

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