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Welcome to Hot tub and Spa Information Central.

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The goal of this web site is to provide information and opinion about hot tubs and spas as well as information about building techniques, sales techniques and tactics, tips and tricks for spa and hot tub maintenance, chemical treatment, and a whole slew of other things related to spas and hot tubs.

Below you will find links that will get you around the site. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have creating them for you.

Hot Tubs and Spas Info!

What you will find here at Hot Tub Info Central

  • Hot Tub & Spa Info Home ~ This Page: The gateway to what we hope is the best information about spas and hot tubs (Hottubs, Spas) online!


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  • Spa & Hot Tub Shell Materials| A brief discussion of what hot tubs and spas are made of. With some hopeful insight on the future of hot tub manufacturing.

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bella hot tub



  • Recommended spa brands! | Our short list of recommended manufacturers of spas and hot tubs. A list compiled by opinion poll of hot tub and spa industry insiders, with an interesting twist.

gazebo and spa

  • Spa & Hot Tub Photos | Photos submitted by our readers. Here you will see many unique and beautiful installations. Feel free to show off you work by submitting your spa photos too. To find out how you can submit your photos, click here.



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  • Spa Sales pitch and Myths| Here we discuss the various sales techniques used by spa salesmen and offer tips on how you the consumer can get the most for your dollar when shopping for spas or hot tubs


Rotary-Molded Spas a new Perspective. Article by Roto-molded spa industry insider.

Covers, Insulation Facts and Fiction / California Energy Commission (CEC) Title 20 Regarding Appliance Energy Consumption and the Portable Spa and Hot Tub Industry. |  A review of the 2005 CEC revisions to appliance labeling and opinion on the state of current energy consumption statements.

"The PERFECT Hot Tub / Spa" | Hot Tub & Spa Article: How to pick or build the perfect spa / hot tub.

Spa Radios and Televisions? | Article: Opinion on electronic spa and hot tub add-ons.

inground hot tub spa

  • Our FORUM Hosted by Robert's Hot Tubs | Our hot tub and spa forum, here you can post any hot tub or spa related question. This forum is one of the best on the net, and we are proud to be associated with it.


  • Our Online Store (page) | A few items and resources that we hope you will like. All hot tub and spa related, includes a window with the key words hot tubs and spas on ebay!


  • Other Online Resources | Perhaps the best place to look for other sites with information about hot tubs and spas.

hot and cold tubs


  • Spas and hot tubs poll! For shoppers, dealers, and current spa owners! 15 poll questions, in a effort to help spa shoppers / owners and dealers understand each other a little better.


  • Links Exchange | Have a site with information related to hot tubs and spas? You can request we place a link on this page, by exchanging links with us. See page for information on how.

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I am a spa and hot tub industry insider. I do not have every answer but this site is my knowledge gleaned from well over a decade in the spa and hot tub industry. If this site works the way I hope it will, you the consumer (shopper of current owner), salesman or manufacturer will be better informed, and together we can all share in the value of a spa or hot tub in every home possible.

I am writing this anonymously, as some of my opinions and some of the facts that I will reveal inside this site may make some of my fellow hot tub and spa professionals a little angry. (and I still have to eat..).

Consider book marking this site, so you can come back to it from time to time, as I will update it as often as I see a need to.

Also if you are a professional inside the hot tub / spa industry or a consumer or a current spa owner, and you have a question, you can post it to the forum (which is manned by many top notch pros) or even email me directly (see page bottom).

If you are curious, I have filled all of the following positions during my stint in the spa and hot tub industry: Salesman, Service and Delivery man, service manager, sales manager, store manager, store owner, chemical counter "expert", retail hot tub store owner, Regional manager (for a chain of hot tub stores), designer, engineer, and last but not least, spa / hot tub owner! I have done it all.

Post any questions to the message board below
for our
Spas and Hot Tubs FORUM
Hosted by Robert's Hot Tubs

Calling all Spa, Hot Tub and Pool (recreational water) Professionals!

We have a new project, the Hot Tub Info Central Press Release and News Center.

If you are a recreational water professional and have something to say, or an interested shopper-owner who just wants to keep up on the latest news in the hot tub and spa world, check it out.

The Hot Tub Info News and Press Release Center.

Pros email me at hottubphd with your ideas.


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One last word: In our opinion, unless you know the tub and the owner of the tub, do not buy a used hot tub or spa.

We here at Hot Tub Information Central Thank you.

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