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Backdoor Friends Purebred Cat Rescue

Welcome to The Backdoor Friends Purebred Cat Rescue page.

The Backdoor Friends Purebred Cat Rescue has been operating in the metropolitan Detroit and tri-county area of southeastern Michigan for two years. We are a non-profit organization, specializing in finding loving homes for adult purebred cats. We are proud to say we are one of the very few rescues that the local Humane Societies and shelters will release cats to.

Why purebred cats ?
At this time there is approximately four cats for every person in the United States.. The majority domestic cats,(house cats), with hundreds of thousands of kittens born every year. While many of these cute, sweet kittens easily find homes, many do not. Itís very hard to find new homes for adult or older cats. By specializing in adult purebred, keeping them in our foster homes till good , loving permanent homes are found for them. We help to give more space and time for humane societies and shelters to find homes for the domestic cats.

Nonprofit ?
While we do ask owners giving up animals for a donation and adoption fees from persons adopting the cats. All of our cats are required to have current vaccinations, be tested for Feline Leukemia and FIV, also to be spayed or neutered. If possible we ask the person giving up the cat to cover these things, however it is not always possible. This is what these donations and fees are used for, also any special care such as special diets, ECT. .

Adoption of cats.
For information on adopting cats or on being a foster home or a Backdoor Friends sponsor. Please call one of the persons listed or E-mail us, at

Sue (313) 886-1492
Betty (248)542-3256 (fax)
Ann (248) 442-0840


Adoption Fees
Purebred Cat under 5 years $150
Purebred Cat over 5 years $125
Domestic Cat $100

Relinquishment Donation
Cat under 5 $75
Cat over 5 $100

Types Of Cats For Adoption




Special Needs



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