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If your looking for a cat, but aren't sure what breed would be best for you. You may find one or more of these books helpful.

The Three below all give good basic information on things like, breed charcteristic, color and fur types, feeding and care, an healt. What breed might best fit you lifestyle , long hair, short hair, Etc...

1.Simon & Schuster's Guide to Cats
Eddited by Mordecai Siegal,
Concise information with over 200 color illustrations.

2.The Illustrated Encyclopedia Of Cats
By Angela Rixon
Buetifully illustrated with information on over 100 breeds of cats.

3.Eye Witness Hand Books Cats
By David Alderton
A visual guide to over 250 types of cats from all over the world.

4.The Encyclopedia of the Cat
By Bruce Fogle, D.V.M.
Excellent information and wonderful color photographs, a comprehensive guide to cats.

5.The Complete Illustrated Guide to Cat Care & Behavior
By Bruce Fogle, D.V.M.
A practical guide to every aspect of cat care. Did you ever wonder why a cat does some of the things they do? This book is Great illustrated guide to behavior!

6.The Complete Book of Cats
By Anna & Michael Sproule
From the history to basic biology and behavior of the cat, a very interesting book.

7.The Indispensable Cat
By J.C. Suares
A comprehensive book on the relationship of cats to people, in history, in literarture, and art.

8.All About Cats
Forward by Beverly Nichols
Good basic information about cats and their care.

9.Cat Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook
By Delbert g. Carlson, D.V.M. & James M. Griffi, M.D.
Special contributions by Lisa D. Carlson, D.V.M.
This is excellent, evey cat lover should own this book! An easy to understand book covering hundreds of questions on health care of cats from birth to old age. The index of signs and symtoms, what information your vet needs to know, what you can do to care for the cat at home after the visit to the vet or before the visit to the vet.

Your local library also has many fine books about cats also.