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By electrostatically charging (chemtrail spraying) the air to the capacity required for SkyNet (the medium that the military's global battle command utilizes - the OTH layer), weather modification happens but me thinks that the overall communications security concerns for the defense establishment are primary here, meaning that over-the-horizon (OTH) radar, SkyNet (a prerequisite for pulling off the remotely-controlled Operation Two Towers), enhancing signal strength in some areas (in conjunction with ops) while stifling it in others, electrostatic pulse bombs (the air BECOMES a medium that is volatile) designed to take out your local server are the deciding factors as to what types of climate engineering will happen on a given day. I am sure all of this is ALSO a convenient screen for the testing of biologicals and pharmaceuticals.

The reason a light bulb is conductive of electrical energy is because its ENVIRONMENT is tailored to the luminous transfer of electrons. Same concept here: by controlling the atmosphere, it is aimed to seize control of perhaps the single biggest commonality that we all share: the air we breathe. It gets dryer and they would privatize water.

I fear for humanity.


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January 25, 2003 (a little about me)



"One of the biggest secrets of the NRO is the "Crop Circle Syndrome". Ornate designs suddenly show up on farms in various parts of the world. Since the designs are so intricate, many UFO book-writers theorize that some off-the-planet forces are doing it. And, presumably, these forces are ETs. Yes, it is off-the-planet, okay, but not ETs. Rather, the NRO is in charge of the super-secret satellites and other forms of machinery, that have super-duper laser, particle beam, and other so far unlabeled technology. So greatly ahead of any published sources, these devices are more or less generally unknown. And, the mechamisms operate beyond the human-visible and sometimes even machine-visible spectrum."

The previous snip is taken from:
BIGGEST SECRETS? by Sherman Skolnick

I bet one could start forest fires electrically by charging the medium (the space and air in between) properly for ignition - just couple it with a high, catalytic energy beam from above (NRO satellites) and voila!


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