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Industry experts Can't Explain Pentagon Photo Evidence

"The photograph reveals a crucial piece of evidence, which if positively identified could help prove what kind of aircraft hit the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001."

Please see Industry Experts Canít Explain Pentagon Photo Evidence


Spy Finance and the Black Budget

".....a congressional investigation revealed that the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), a supersecret agency whose existence was publicly acknowledged only a few years ago, lost track of a $2 billion slush fund because it was so highly classified even top intelligence officials had no control over it."

The previous is taken from Spy Finance and the Black Budget. It is significant given the implication of the NRO in the events of September 11, 2001.


The web's most censored person?

I have lost some forty or so email accounts and eight listservs due to censorship. In no case have I done anything but put out the truth. Please see The web's most censored person?


Resurrecting the Ptech story

12-06-02: Federal and state agents who visited Quincy, Mass. software house Ptech last week were probably mostly looking for financial links to al-Qaeda. So perhaps it's just an unfortunate co-incidence that by Wednesday morning the Ptech customer list had been removed from their web site. It was still cached at Google, though, and the names on it are a testament to the lure of the product and efficiency of the Ptech sales team. How happy the US Air Force, NATO, Mitre and the FBI are to discover that their knowledge management software comes from a firm under such detailed investigation has yet to emerge...

This is extremely significant given the connections between Booz, Allen, & Hamilton and Mitre Corporation to 9-11. Please see Resurrecting the Ptech story


Big Medicine

Pertaining to Northrop Grumman, the NRO, the NSA, Ptech, 9-11, the Bush cartel (and it's Saudi henchmen), 'Star Wars', Mitre Corp., and John Deutch. See Big Medicine


List of Companies that are said to be NSA and NRO contractors and main suppliers of the diverse technologies needed for a global surveillance system. Click here


The Real Saudi Ties are U.S. Ties

Transcripts: National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon USA

The Propaganda Preparation for 9/11

Oil, Heroin, and the Bush Cartel


November 4, 2003

Isn't it reminiscent of Oklahoma City (legislation targetting militias introduced AS militias allegedly go off) in that there is legislation on the floor of the Senate , legislation designed to milk the fire industry, AS fire rages in a state that has been targetted by the GOP at least three times during this administration?

For more on right wing terrorism on U.S. soil, click here

Also see: Big Medicine: Why follow a 9-11 lead provided by GW?


November 7, 2001


There are new developments in the Falls Church 9-11 Nexus! Please click here for more on that!


British Firm Purchases HAARP (a precursor to many 'Star Wars' technologies and chemtrail schemes).


Boeing Dedicates New GPS Colorado Springs Facility

Network-Centric Defence Requires Military Grade Network, Says Marconi (think unmanned aerial vehicles).

More on unmanned aerial vehicles

Oh, by the way, Honeywell's Clearwater facility will play a role in developing the Army's new high-tech tracking system for troops and vehicles. More here.

SBIR contracts sponsored by the U.S. Army