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Since what is in the skies these days manifests entirely different physical properties they must be different sets of compounds and with this statement I hope to make clear the line between contrail and chemtrail: contrails, according to a meteorologist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adminstration (NOAA), are formed at minus seventy-six degrees fahrenheit. This ought to be a good guage when you are watching a plane spray. If the plane is not more than five thousand feet off the ground (i.e. you can still see it) and your ground temperature is above twenty, ANYTHING in the skies cannot be a contrail. What is this substance with observably different physical properties than contrails?

If you search the net for these items - SkyNet, Global Hawk, SIGINT, weather modification, climate engineering, ROTH - you invariably end up sorting through discussions, some rather obscure yet revealing, involving electrostatics and barium and whenever the local biggies are out at play (NOAA, NCAR, LASP) here in the Boulder, CO area, computer connections are extremely unpredictable, making this a static weapon if generally un-aimable. Barium has been found in air samples taken in areas that are heavily sprayed. Barium is said to be light AND extremely conductive.

There is a reason there is an USAF term called "artificial ionospheric mirror."

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Since representatives in the space industry, including some of the upper echelons at USSPACECOM are claiming that ALL space programs from now on will be dual use (have commercial AND military applications) then we must assume that a weather satellite has something to do with enhancing war powers, multiplying force at least. When I publicly stated that NOAA, NCAR, NASA, and some other agencies involved with the types of research outlined at the top were using weather satellites as part of the Star Wars schemes and that chemtrails were necessary to such ops, I got an in-person, extremely jarring death threat. I WAS, after all, going after the LASP at the time (Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics) which is situated about two miles from where I lived.

This was a tattood, good old boy and I know a veteran of warfare when I feel one. This man was not educated enough to have followed my work online but smart enough to take orders from whoever read my work that day and sent him out.


Nearby are outfits affiliated with NIMA, the National Imaging and Mappery Agency (the 'eyes of the nation') and they were key in 9-11 to the extent that imaging is key to space based targetting, as per the NRO satellite sent up on September 8, 2001.

This area of Colorado is home to imaging sciences, sattelite technologies, defense contractors, NORAD, and atmospheric research for a REASON.

Get it? It doesn't matter if you don't understand, BIG money is going into this suddenly and in huge amounts and this reeks of a breakthrough, though given the work Tesla did decades ago, it is a natural extension of work completed even then.

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