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Current boys:

U-Grch. Romyldale There and Back Again, "Kienan"
Int. Ch. Shandy Romyldale On Broadway, "Benson"
U-Ch. Phoenix Romyldale Butch Cassidy, "Parker"


Romyldale Rolling Stone, "Jagger"
Romyldale True Grit, "Duke"
Romyldale National Anthem, "Banner"

Boys gone, but not forgotten:
Romyl Dale Tod
Tristan Tantivy in a Tizzy CD, HIC, CGC
Am. Can. UKC Gr. Ch. Dayspring Romyldale Rowan
Am. Can. UKC Gr. Ch. Romyldale Rory MacRorie ROMC
UKC Ch. Romyldale Phoenix Blue Ridge
Am. Can. UKC Gr. Ch. Romyldale Perchance to Dream
Romyldale the Highlander
Can. U-Ch. Kincardine Romyldale Lone Star
Am. Can. Int. Ch. BIMBS U-Grch. Phoenix Romyldale Alchemy
Can. U-Grch. Romyldale Kincardine Artistry
U-Grch. Romyldale Kincardine Indigo

Tribute Pages:


Boys elsewhere:

U-Grch. Phoenix I Can Be Your Hero
Romyldale Adair Reflections (owned by Adair)

Current girls:

U-Ch. Romyldale the Journey Within
Romyldale Lyonnesse
BIMBS U-Grch. Int. Ch. Shandy Romyldale the Olympian URO1 SPOT ON, "Lolo"
Lolo's Eyes
Lolo in the Snow
Romyldale Coeur de Leon
Brynmere Romyldale Incandescent

Shandy Romyldale Splash
Romyldale Phoenix Tesla

Retired girls:
U-Ch. Romyldale I'll Fly Away
U-Grch. Romyldale Goodmornin Starshine
Int Ch Romyldale Tanzanite

Girls gone, but not forgotten:
Can. Ch. Romyldale's Velvet Touch
Can. U-Grch. Romyldale Adair Greensleeves
U-Ch. Balmarle's Frosting o' the Cake
U-Grch. Phoenix Romyldale Expose' PT
Int. Ch. U-Ch. Romyldale Apple of My Eye
Can. BIMBS U-Grch. Kincardine Romyldale Reminisce
U-Grch. Twin Cedar's Forever in Flight

Girls elsewhere:

U-Ch. Romyldale Flight of Fancy
Blu Ribn Romyldale Reverie
U-Ch. Adair's Diamond in the Sun
Romyldale Shandy Fly So High
BIMBS U-Ch. Romyldale River Dance, "Delta", BN CA CGC TKN UR03 SPOT
Delta photos

Companion Gallery
Rowan x Caitlin litter 1990 (Rory, Laddie and Mickie)
Chris x Caitlin litter 1991 (Velvet, Scarlet, Roland, Ariel, Lassie)
Jeep x Velvet litter 1993 (Brady, Jocelyn, Stephie, Augie, Rocky and Tanner)
BJ x Jocelyn litter 1996 (Peri, Duncan, Presto, Sabrina, Kelly)
Zack x Velvet litter 1996 (Tess)
Andy x Chantal litter (Tucker, Timmy and Thurso)
Peri x Isis litter 2001 (Parker, Tucker and Whazz Up!)
Peri x Isis litter 2002 (Bridge, Cinders, Ozzie, Sophie and Sebastian)
Peri x Isis litter 2002 revisited
Johnny x Isis litter 2003 (Raleigh and Halle)
Alex x Isis litter 2004 (Ricky, Ranger, Flossie and Byrdie)
Conner x Leah litter 2004 (Glory, Fling, Carter, Kenny, Avi, Molly, Lulu and Nikki)
Alex x Milan litter 2005 (Tony, Indie, Merlin)
Oliver x Leah litter 2005 (Jodie, Keira, Fiona)
Orion x Glory litter 2007 (Molly, Andi, Erin, Dani and Reno)
Indie x Petra litter 2007 (Miss Molly MacKenzie, Topper and Pilot)
Conner's daughter-Lorimar's Simply Bodacious
Conner x Apple 2008 (Zelda and Kody)
Bogie and Glory's puppies, the patriotic litter 2008 (Bling, Libby, Penny, Min, Sawyer and Bob)
Tony x Apple 2009 (Tanzy, Piper, Marcus and Chance)
Cobred litter, Manny and Leah 2009 (Sammy, Connor, Maverick and Merry)
Conner and Diamond's puppies 2009 (Fletcher, Piper and Gracie)
Tanner x Glory 2010 (Journey, Tommy, Indie, Athena, Westley, Val, Casey)
Ryan x Molly 2011 (Corky, Cali, Rudy, Sprite, Piper and Emma
Buster x Apple 2012 (Ziggy, Cookie and foster brothers, Paul and Ringo)
Flynt x Tanzy 2012 (Lolo, Gabby and Jordyn)
Ryan x Journey 2013 (Kienan, Delta, Scamper, Rowan, Erin and Lila)
Manny x Casey 2014 (Sophie, Holly, Macy, Benson, Chip, Jet, Parker, Fuji)
Manny x Casey 2015 (Elsa, Ariel, Jasmine, Merida, Aurora, Leo, Belle, Tiana)
Manny x Casey 2015 at 8 weeks
Chevy x Lolo 2017
Chevy x Lolo 2017 at 16 weeks
Nicholas x Halo 2017

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Herding Sheep
Junior Showmanship
Mitochondrial DNA
ASSA National Placements
Raw Food Diet
Sheltie Rescue
Sheltie Rescue Scarf
Pet Portraiture

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Artist Kristen Fisk

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