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Dr. Hagen is the author of the controversial new book, WHORES OF THE COURT: The
Fraud of Psychiatric Testimony and the Rape of American Justice. She is an expert in the
field of visual perception and an avid proponent for eliminating all psychiatric testimony
from our courtrooms. Dr. Hagen believes that psychiatric testimony is based on subjective
opinions, intuition and "junk science".
Margaret A. Hagen, Ph.D., M.B.A

Excerpts from a letter detailing HRS fraud and corruption from Charlotte Kay, former HRS secretary:

'The former chairperson (HRAC) was paid by HRS to investigate this major complaint regarding abuse and neglect of HRS consumers and reported to the Mental Health Committee that they were UNFOUNDED! I feel compelled to state that at this time, the IG's office has confirmed most of these serious allegations the Federal Government is still investigating. The total lack of concern for the safety and well being of HRS consumers unable to protect themselves by this chairperson is appalling. The payment (to the chairman) is documented. This involved the neglect, failure to protect and death of HRS consumers. Consumers would call in complaints and these complaints would be held up in CRCs (HRS Consumer Relations Coordinator) for days, weeks, or even months, or lost completely. Complaints were torn up and re-written if a notation was on them. stating a client had before and no one contacted them. HRAC minutes were changed by Delores Moore, Renetta Williams and Fran Gibbons to reflect what HRS wished them to say, not what the actual minutes were. Documents, letters, memos, etc. written by HRAC members were altered without their permission or approval"

Excerpts from a letter of complaint to Governor Chiles from a group of HRS employees in District VI:

"Employees have been pressured to mislead the court (and sometimes outright lie) by management. Management thinks they are above the law and have made statements like: I don It care what the Judge said, you tell him that the OPA said No! The priority in the office is "making the numbers took good to Tampa' regardless of the cost to the children and families. Management has exaggerated findings and mislead the court to allow them to remove children from a home. How do you think the public will react when they discover that investigators were removing children from families without anyone supervising them or evaluating their work. Management has made it clear that employees who "complain" will be targeted for disciplinary actions."

At the heart of the graft and corruption problem is Federal grant money that is portioned to the states based on the number of children snatched from the care of their parents and/or in the care of Child Care Protection Agencies. With billions of dollars at stake, the management of Child Protection Agencies has a quota to fill each year to maintain their massive welfare budgets and lucrative salaries. With 40,000 employees in the State of Florida alone, and a 4.3 billion dollar annual budget, it's easy to understand why over 100,000 families are investigated each year.

Of the 2.3 million cases investigated throughout the country in 1993, 2.02 million were found to be false allegations. During the past 20 years Victims of Child Abuse Laws have cumulatively become the largest group of human rights victims in the history of the world, and very few Americans know about it because the information has been successfully suppressed by people whom ordinary citizens thought they could trust.


What is news is that psychology is manufacturing most of these victims, that it is doing this with motives based on power and profit, and that the industry turns these people into dependent 'users' with no escape from their problems.


Insurance companies are now looking more closely at recovered memory disorders. Well, they should. Is somebody at the insurance companies getting kickbacks for paying off claims on such outrageous mythical disorders as they have done over the last decade?


While our awareness of childhood sexual abuse has increased enormously in the last decade and the horrors of its consequences should never be minimized, there is another side to this situation, namely that of the consequences of false allegations where whole families are split apart and terrible pain inflicted on everyone concerned. This side of the story needs to be told, for a therapist may, with the best intentions in the world, contribute to enormous family suffering. -- Harold Lief, M.D.

The False Memory Syndrome Foundation
False Memory Syndrome Foundation

But instead of receiving comfort and encouragement, Rogers alleges he was pressured to seek costly inpatient treatment and then drawn into "62 days of hell" at the hands of social-service agencies investigating a report that he had confessed to abusing his own children. Although Rogers was eventually cleared of abuse charges, he has filed a malpractice suit against MMNLC.

The Rogers case is becoming a potent symbol within the Christian counseling field because of how it highlights one of the industry's most sensitive challenges: the balancing act between ministering to the needy and making a profit. It has taken on a larger life because two religious gadflies have made Rogers into a poster boy of sorts in their campaign against Christian psychiatry and counseling.

Hurting Helpers

A civil rights action was filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Richmond Division, Civil Action No. 3:95-CV640, on behalf of this little girl and her mother against the judge, the social services and others.

For the first time in Virginia history, a judge, this judge, was not reappointed. By joining together, the people won! Read the Wednesday, January 24, 1996 edit ion of the Richmond Times-Dispatch (front page).

For Legally Abused Citizen's

"GAO estimates that fraud and abuse in the health care industry accounts for an estimated 10 percent of our yearly private and public expenditures. In 1994, this would have approached $94 billion. That amounts to approximately $258 million a day or $11 million every single hour."

H e a l t h H i p p o

TAF has established an information network to assist counsel in their efforts to provide effective representation to qui tam plaintiffs. TAF both assists counsel with their individual cases and disseminates information about the False Claims Act and qui tam provisions. In support of this project, TAF maintains a comprehensive False Claims Act library and publishes the False Claims Act and Qui Tam Quarterly Review. All attorney network services are provided at no cost.

Qui Tam Attorney Network

Recalling my mission statement, compliance is emphasized herein. The sources found on these pages have been gleaned from my travels around the world in an attempt to ferret out accurate information to help people understand their external government and the legal system generally. R. J. Tavel, J.D. does not recommend any course of action other than education!

Dr. Tavel's Self Help Legal Clinic

Throughout North America, social workers employed by children's protective services are hopelessly overworked. They are required to make judgments that will seriously affect families. They generate much animosity and family disruption when they take a child into protection. And they are seriously criticized if they leave a child in a family who is subsequently abused.

Many have inadequate academic background, and knowledge of cultures and religions other than their own. Some are unaware of the ease which a false memory can be implanted into the mind of a child. The results can be disastrous. Abuses and errors in judgment are common. Innocent parents are drawn into a system that is out of contro


Stop The Abuse
We shall not leave, until our mission is accomplished and justice reigns eternal.
Trauma and Recovery
Recovered Memories of Sexual Abuse: Scientific Research & Scholarly Resources