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National Morgan Pony Registry
ALL crosses - ALL ages - ALL sizes!
Ragtime O'Douhl 14 hh purebred Morgan (see links) Since 1996, NMPR has served the registration needs of smaller Morgans.

We register Morgan and Morgan-crosses of any size) with special status for purebreds under 14.2 hands. Great second registration for smaller papered Morgans and we accept AMHA testing...

Don't let size be a hinderance to selling your Morgan!
Register with NMPR and promote your smaller Morgans to a wider audience!

Some popular crosses:

  • Morab (Morgan/Arab)
  • Morter (Morgan/QuarterHorse)
  • Morgmini (Morgan/Miniature)
  • Morgland (Morgan/Shetland)
  • Grade Morgan (Morgan-X or said-to-be Morgan)

chestnut Morgan Mini mare and redroan Shetland stallion

newborn Morgan Mini filly & kids Undersung hero of the horse world, ponies the world over have taught youngsters the basics of horsemanship.

Morgans are no exception! Many an American horseperson started on a quiet, study Morgan Pony.JustAmere Bridger Ida Lee and 7 year old in Leadline, 1995 Blessed with the same loving temperment as their progenitor breed, the Morgan Pony has started many a love affair with Morgans.

And children are not the only ones being drawn into the Morgan world! Even the Young at heart are finding the smaller equines to be easier to work with and Morgan ponies are and excellent choice. They are superb driving mounts and allow those who could not otherwise ride, to interact and exercise. Half Morgan/Pinto pony

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