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Our Monte Carlo is Under Construction!

Militious's Construction is Complete!

Militious-Redneck Roulette's SECOND Release is Now Available!!!

(by Gern Blanston)

That's right, it is here! Militious-Redneck Roulette has again put their talent and sovereign insights to work and has created "Militious-Redneck Roulette: The Full Monte (Carlo)!!" If your looking for tunes covering sovereign ideals and very important environmental issues than you have come to the right place! Throw in a little nascar fun and you have caught the magic of Militious-Redneck Roulette! Some of the songs included on this CD are:

"The Wetland Song", "Dynomite Bass Fishin'", "He's Jeremiah Revere","Rusty Texas Crabs", and a SPECIAL (and possibly hidden) bone-us track!" This CD-EP also features the much anticipated and oppressed single,"Redneck Roulette"! Just click HERE and listen to some of their newest stuff, along with a couple of the oldies from the first smash release!

Since Jeremiah Revere recently has departed, the remaining members have drawn inspiration from him and are writing and recording two new songs to be included in a "greatest hits" collection. A song called "Were Winning the War on Guns?" is completed, along with a "Rally" song written specifically for a Michigan Militia sponsored protest of the U.N.!Touring for the band is on hold for the time being, but don't expect these guys to be held down for too long! I have been privy to information that would indicate that the band has some work "in the can" that will be released very soon! Keep checking back for details.

The band still has many plans for the future which include films, a multimedia CD-rom, many writings and a release of some live and rare materials. Many past performances have been captured on "bootleg" cassette, including some extremely riveting and emotional moments at gun shows or militia rally's (and since the band encourages "bootleg" recordings of themselves, their record company is furious). They only wish to spread the message of sovereignty, and when the lawsuit between the band and it's so called record company gets resolved I'm sure that much more existing unreleased/censored material can and will be shared with us, their loyal compatriots.

Keep checking all of the links for more articles and insights into one of the ten most popular militia bands in Michigan: Militious-Redneck Roulette!!

Want your own copy of Militious-Redneck Roulette: The Full Monte (carlo)? Or maybe want to catch what you missed on the first break through release? Well, visit the orders page and send for one. Support sovereign culture set to music!