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Militious-Redneck Roulette

Attention: You will now have to listen to our condensed and somewhat censored site here to hear some of our music! Will the oppression and censorship ever end? (Every host we've ever had makes it very difficult to allow free downloads of our music).

Check back here soon, as later in 2005, 2 brand new music videos are due to be released! Click on a title below to hear a tune...and be patient if you have a slow connection!

The Bounty Hunter
Dynomite Bass Fishin'
I'm in the Michigan Milita!
Redneck Roulette
We're Winning the War on Guns!
Livin' in a Trailer Park
The House of 10,000 Guns

Do you have any comments, questions, environmental concerns, or just some plain ole' song suggestions? Do you want to help support the continuation of music from Militious Redneck Roulette? To find out how please write to :

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