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Howard Richards Music Page

"Waltz in the Park" by Howard Richards ©2007


I'm Howard Richards. I have been a Composer, Jazz and Variety Pianist and Educator for over 35 years. I'm located in Petoskey, Michigan which is part of Michigans 'Gold Coast'. My forte is Original Compositions in Jazz, Pop and Classical Piano, Pipe Organ and Keyboards.

On this site, you'll find many resources for the music scholar and educator including a tutorial for Jazz Improvisation.

Scroll down to find links to pages on this site that include articles essential to the development of your knowledge and skills as a music student or professional musician including my recent article "20th Century Scale Materials in Tonal Music". Please visit often as I'll be publishing more articles.


My recently released CD,"Piano Styles", is now available on I-Tunes in the U.S., Canada, Japan, Europe and Australia as well as being offered on Spotify, e-Music, Amazon MP3 and Sony Connect. The songs, "Waltz in the Park" and "Rondo", have been accepted for distribution through Crucial Music in L.A., and BeatPick in London and Rome as well as Pump Audio for placement in the Film/TV Industry. A British company has chosen "Hard Night in the City" for use in a promotional CD included in a new cookbook.

"Waltz in the Park" has also been named an 'honorary mention' by making the top ranks of the Billboard World Song Contest for 2008. I'm greatly honored by this considering the format was solo piano without vocals.This song has also been licensed for Television and Film.

I also worked with the Latin Rock Band 'Gozon' while living in the Atlanta area. This is a recently formed group in Atlanta headed up by Colombian artist Gustavo Gonzales with smokin' hot rhythms and lyrics in Spanish, English and Italian. The band has done several local concerts throughout the Atlanta area. You can get more info and listen to the band at Myspace.


I am accepting students on a limited basis and am available for tutoring and concert preparation. Private lessons can be arranged at my home.


I am now booking dates for 2024. I can be reached through the email link below (little trap door at the bottom of this page), or by phoning 231-373-9978.

You can download Howard Richards on iTunes.
Howard Richards - Piano Styles

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Partial Songlist (Not Including Originals)

Article: "Tonality, Modality and Atonality"

My Jazz Improvisation Tutorial: "Sonic Mechanics"

Article Entitled "Consonance and Dissonance"

My Article: "20th Century Scale Materials in Tonal Music"

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Essay: "Erik Satie, the First Modern Composer"

"A Complete Glossary of Musical Terms"

"Rhythm and Meter: A Biblilography"

Links to Excellent Music and Related Sites -Featured Track - "Walkin' Home"

The 'Trio' Before and After a Hard Day in the Studio

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