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Motor City Ferrets is a private, no-kill ferret Shelter & Rescue Organization, formally organized in 2000.  MCF is registered as a Nonprofit Charity by the State of Michigan, recognized as a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Charity by the Internal Revenue Service and licensed and inspected annually by the Michigan Department of Agriculture.  The Organization is a private, nonprofit charity that receives no federal, state or local funding.  The Shelter is supported by income from adoption donations, the sale of ferret supplies, fundraising efforts and individual donations.  

MCF operates in a private home in Hazel Park.  The “staff” consists of Shelter Mom Nanci & Shelter Dad Alex.  A number of volunteers also help with Shelter business throughout the year, but most day to day Shelter business is handled by Alex and Nanci, both of whom also have jobs!  The Shelter can tend to up to 60 ferrets at one time, but the most comfortable level is perhaps 35 or less, depending on how many groups/individuals make up the overall number.  For the past few years, we've seen a dramatic lowering in the number of ferrets we've been asked to take in - ain't that wonderful news?  Woo!

As of Spring, 2019, MCF has rescued more than 1100 ferrets.  Approximately 80% of our ferrets will find a new home, while the other 20% will spend their final days in the Shelter.  Some will unfortunately only be in residence for a short time if they arrive with health issues on board, while others will spend weeks, months or even a year or more, after not being able to find a new home for whatever reason.  

Each critter in residence at the Shelter is treated as a personal pet.  But the shelter isn't the best place for any ferret; we try to offer a home like setting, but truly the best we can offer is a group home setting.  Nanci and Alex endeavor, through a careful screening and adoption process, to find loving, permanent homes for all of the ferrets -  even those who are older, not social with other ferrets or have health or emotional issues.

The Shelter welcomes folks who are thinking about adopting to visit, for a close up view of what having ferrets is really like.  We have Open House events most weeks.  Check out our Events Calendar for the dates, then drop a line for directions.  Our address is not published anywhere on the web site, as we have to be careful about giving out our address to make sure we don't end up with "surprises" left on our porch.  

If you're completely new to the world of ferrets, we recommend the book "Ferrets for Dummies," which is a great read for the whole family - and an absolute essential for parent AND child if the child in the family has sparked the ferrety interest!  If, after reading the first few chapters, you are still interested in having a pet ferret, the rest of the book then becomes must read to help you become a well informed ferret parent.  Remember, ferrets are still less common pets, so it is critically important that all potential ferret owners do much research before bringing a ferret into their life!


Surrendering an animal to a shelter should always be a last resort. There will always be a need for shelters...after all, some owners will have life situations develop unexpectedly that prohibit pet ownership and can't be overcome, but the sad fact is that far too many animals wind up in shelters as an "easy solution." Although Motor City Ferrets is a no-kill Shelter, please click here for important information to consider if you're thinking of surrendering any animal to a shelter.

Motor City Ferrets offers shelter to any ferret in need, regardless of background, age or health.  If you need to surrender a ferret, contact the shelter to make arrangements.  You'll be asked for as much information as you have about the ferret, with special attention to health issues.  You'll also be asked to bring a supply of the ferret's current food, any paperwork you have (pet shop certificate, vet records, proof of vaccination), and anything the ferret is attached to.  We also welcome donations of any ferret supplies, including the ferret's cage, cage accoutrements, grooming products, leashes, carriers, etc.

Motor City Ferrets does not charge a fee to surrender a ferret.  However, if your ferret has not been vaccinated for rabies and canine distemper within the past year, a donation would be appreciated.  A Surrender Donation is completely voluntary and will not factor into the decision made by the Shelter to accept the ferret.  Each surrendered ferret who is not up to date on vaccinations for Rabies and Canine Distemper costs the Shelter $45 immediately.  Veterinary costs constitute over 60% of the Shelter's operating budget each year, split evenly between routine costs and serious health care.  95% of new surrenders are not up to date on vaccinations, which increases the Shelter's routine veterinary expenses, so donations of any amount from surrendering owners are appreciated.   


The primary goal of Motor City Ferrets is to offer shelter to any ferret in need, and to find a loving, permanent home for all - thus the Shelter always has ferrets available for adoption.  The adoption process is designed to be thorough yet uncomplicated, to help find the best homes for all the shelter ferrets.   

If you’re interested in adopting, head over to the Adoptables page for more information and to "meet" the critters currently available.  The adoption process doesn't necessarily take a long time, but due our incredibly hectic day to day schedule, often from the time you send your Adoption Application to the time you visit to adopt will be a couple of weeks.  Holiday vacation time is a great time to Adopt, but the Shelter is often quite busy with other business, so check the Calendar for current goings-on.  

Please keep in mind the fact that Motor City Ferrets is a private rescue.  The adoption process is designed to be as personal as possible, without being intrusive into your private life.  The Shelter Directors are tasked with carefully screening potential adopters, to ensure each adopted ferret will be properly cared for.  The Shelter follows up on all adopted ferrets for the rest of their lives.  The follow up is designed to be easy and non-intrusive.  Learning more about the rest of the ferret's life is very important, as the folks at the Shelter only get to know the critter for a relatively short period of time.  Health and behavior information is collected and recorded, to hopefully help the greater ferret community learn from the Shelter population.  


Shelters are great places to find the ferret supplies you need at reduced cost, plus you’ll be helping some homeless ferrets at the same time!  We always have a variety of supplies available, from cages and cage necessities to treats & toys, supplements, bedding, books, and special items you can't find anywhere else.   Visit Miss Sophie's Weezily Wares!


Motor City Ferrets appreciates your donations of new or used ferret supplies of any sort - and open containers are just fine!  If you have a cage you can’t transport, just drop a line to the Shelter and a volunteer pickup may be able to be arranged.  Cash donations are the most useful, as our primary expense is veterinary care.  Our veterinarian's office will receive donations on our behalf:  North Hills Veterinary Hospital in Rochester Hills, 248.652.0450.  

  *  Ink Cartridges:  our printer uses HP950 & HP951, and the XL cartridges are the best value (we usually buy on ebay)
  *  Laundry Detergent:  "Free" type and "HE" for our machines, and Clorox2 color safe bleach
  *  Fabric & Yarn:  fleece of any sort (no piece too small, scraps welcome!), cotton or flannel fabric, and acrylic yarn of any sort for making bedding.
  *  Rugs:  old bath mats or other small, washable floor rugs
  *  Gift Bags:  of any sort, if you're thinning your stash.  We recycle them into use in our Shoppe, and for adoption goodie bags
  *  Baby wipes and Paper Towels:  we buy Costco brand wipes (Kirkland), Clorox wipes and Bounty towels, but all brands are welcome
  *  Food:  top brands used are Orijen Cat & Kitten Grain-Free & Go! Fit & Free Grain-Free kitten.  
  *  Gerber's plain chicken baby food:  the price to beat is $1 per jar.  We can really go through baby food when nursing a sick'un!
  *  Nutrical (or Nutristat, Ferretvite) nutritional supplement

We always tell folks if you have a something that can be used by any sort of animal shelter bring it along.  If we can't use the something, we'll pass along to a rescue that has a current need.  Blankets, towels, cat and dog supplies, wee critter and bird supplies, etc., we work with other rescues and can pass along just about anything!


Motor City Ferrets operates in a small home in Hazel Park.  Volunteer help is appreciated, but help with the regular daily routine is sometimes difficult to arrange due to our busy schedule.  The Shelter does welcome folks to come by and simply play with the crew.  After all, with the humans so busy the critters always need more attention.   If you're interested in volunteering contact the Shelter and come for a visit! 


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