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Motor City Ferrets will only adopt to Michigan residents who live within the greater metropolitan Detroit area.
  There are rescues all around the country; visit Petfinder to search your area. Additionally, a prospective adopter must come to the shelter to adopt - we will not ship our ferrets, nor will we "pass them along" to an eventual home.  We do not allow our ferrets to be given as "gifts."  You are certainly welcome to print up a nice certificate for a visit to the Shelter to give to that special someone as a gift, but the potential owner must apply to adopt and go through the ordinary process. 

You must be age 21 or older to apply to adopt from Motor City Ferrets.  If you're under age 21 and live with your folks, you need to involve your folks at the very beginning of the adoption process.  Only adults over the age of 21 can submit an Adoption Application.  Remember this rule is not a technicality; ferrets are high maintenance critters that need to be an integral part of family life, so the whole family needs to be involved in the decision to adopt.  While our application is more of an information gathering tool to help keep us organized than, say, a mortgage application, remember that shelter critters have lost their home at least once already; therefore, our job is to find only loving, permanent homes for all our ferrets through our adoption process. Please be honest and thorough; the more information you include on your Adoption Application, the better the chance that you will be approved for adoption!

When you adopt, you will receive information about the critter's temperament & personality, plus the critters' complete known history. For our critters with health troubles or behavioral issues, adoptions are handled on a case-by-case basis.  Our truly special weezils automatically become candidates for our permanent foster program. Every critter needs and deserves a loving, permanent home, no matter their age, health or social troubles. If you're the type of person who finds it as rewarding as we do to lavish a truly special critter with all kinds of love, please consider adopting a special needs critter!

So are you ready to submit an Adoption Application?  Click here to get started.  You'll visit three pages on the way to the application. 
Each page contains important information about our Shelter and having a ferret in your life, so do read each page carefully!


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