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Theropods (meaning "beast feet") are a group of bipedal saurischian dinosaurs. They were primarily carnivorous, though several theropod groups were herbivorous, omnivores, and insectivores.

Theropods have a three-toed foot, a furcula (wishbone), air-filled bones and (in some cases) possibly feathers.

Kingdom: Animalia, Phylum: Chordata, Class: Reptilia, Superorder: Dinosauria, Order: Saurischia, Suborder: Theropoda.

Herrerasaurids, probably early theropods, though they may be more primitive saurischians or even non-dinosaurs. Herrerasaurus skulls and skeletons cast replicas

Coelophysoids, primitive theropods including Coelophysis

Ceratosaurians, including Ceratosaurus and abelisaurids. The latter were important Late Cretaceous predators in southern continents
Click Here for our full line of Ceratosaurus fossils and casts

Dilophosaurids, crested theropods sometimes allied with the coelophysoids Tetanurans, a major grouping of more advanced theropods

Spinosauroids, including the megalosaurs and the crocodile-skulled spinosaurids Avetheropods, more advanced and bird-like theropods

Allosauroids, including Allosaurus and close relatives like the carcharodontosaurids Coelurosaurians, a diverse lineage with a wide range of body sizes, diets and niches

Tyrannosauroids, small to gigantic carnivores, often with reduced forelimbs
Alioramus fossil cast replicas ,

Ornithomimosaurians, "ostrich-mimics", are mostly toothless and probably omnivorous Maniraptorans, birds, and their closest relatives, all possessed feathers, many omnivorous or herbivorous

Therizinosaurs, bipedal herbivores with large hand claws and small heads

Alvarezsaurs, small bird-like insectivores with extremely short forelimbs

Oviraptorosaurians, are mostly toothless; their diet and lifestyle are uncertain

Deinonychosaurs, popularly known as "raptors", are extremely bird-like omnivores with some pure carnivores. Velociraptor

Scansoriopterygids, small insectivorous theropods that may have lived in trees

Monolophosaurus Skull cast replica

Monolophosaurus Skull cast replica


Molded from an original fossil skull discovered in China. The original is now in a museum in China.

We also have a Monolophosaurus skeleton cast replica and a Monolophosaurus dig panel.

Monolophosaurus Skull cast replica measures:

Length 26 inches, Width 8.5 inches, Height approx 20 inches (66 cm X 40.5 cm)

Approx shipping weight:60 lbs.

This skull can be made so that the mouth is permanently in the open position, or if you prefer the skull and jaw can be kept separate. Please let us know your preference.

This skull can also be custom-painted to your specifications.

Price: $995.00 (plus shipping)

Kingdom: Animalia, Phylum: Chordata, Class: Reptilia, Superorder: Dinosauria, Order: Saurischia, Suborder: Theropoda, (unranked): Tetanurae, Superfamily: Megalosauroidea, Genus: Monolophosaurus

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