Kris Draper
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Kris Draper

- Welcome to the Shrine of Kris -

Here he is, Kris Draper, the man traded to Detroit for a dollar from Winnipeg. The man that fell victim to Claude Lemeiux's cheap shots in the 1996 playoffs. The man who scored the first playoff goal of Detroit's 1997 Stanley Cup winning season. Or just "the man". He is my very favorite Red Wing, and it's not just because he is a talented hockey player if you know what I mean. Many women disagree, but I think he's very attractive, don't ask me why. Must be those blue eyes....anyway, All of the controversy surrounding Kris and Claude Lemeiux sparked the brawl on the mar 26 col.-det. matchup during the 1997 regular season, where Kris's best friend and teamate Darren McCarty took on revenge. But Kris is a very talented hockey player as well. Teamate Kirk Maltby spoke about Kris and their grind line,"Kris has got the speed, he's the guy who gets to a lot of the loose pucks for us." That you do Kris, and we are glad to have you here in Detroit."I didn't know where I was going. I didn't fit in with Winnipeg, and now look where I am-playing in the Stanley Cup Finals for the second time in three years."Kris said about being a part of the wings.

I don't know whose picture this is...let me know if it is yours.

I don't think Kris gets enough credit for his talents, and his handsome good looks.I'll stop drooling now.

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