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Understanding, Assessing, & Treating Sexual Offenders: Tools for the Therapist

By Matthew D. Rosenberg, MSW, CSW
Edited by Debra Pawluck, MSW, CSW

Mr. Rosenberg has spent the past 5 years developing a workbook to assist the therapist in the orientation to sex offender treatment. Moreover, Mr. Rosenberg has developed dozens of assessment tools that assist the therapist in understanding the dynamics of a particular client. He has created numerous treatment tools and exercises that help guide both the therapist and client through the treatment process.

In Section One: Essays and Orientation Tools, Mr. Rosenberg addresses topical areas such as Compassion and Sex Offender Therapy, Fear and Sexual Offending, Fantasies, The Sex Offender Therapist, Sex Offender Group Therapy, Denial and Sexual Offending, The Importance of the Family, and The Use of Metaphors, to name a few. His essays provoke meaningful thought and offer excellent insight into many of the dynamics involved with this population.

The workbook is also intended to assist in orientating the therapist to working with sexual offenders. Therefore, Mr. Rosenberg has included a number of training exercises and other material, such as Methods for Writing a Social History for Sex Offenders, Motivational Factors Associated with Child Molestation, a full Training Outline, Core Phases of Sex Offender Therapy, and a Risk Classification System and Treatment Setting. Included in the appendix are examples of a full psychosocial history report, treatment plan with goals and objectives, a glossary of terms, resource page, full bibliography, and three Training Scenarios for the therapist (Profiles and Modus Operandi, Victimology, and Interviewing and Assessment).

To assist the therapist in assessing his or her client, Mr. Rosenberg has developed dozens of assessment tools. Some of the tools include The Offense and Sexual Development History, 3 Projective Stories (for adolescents and children), The Rosenberg Historical Risk Assessment, The Truth Scale, The Rosenberg Sexual Deviance Assessment, The Rosenberg Deception Assessment, Erotic Sentence Completion, Victimology Scale, and many more.

Finally, in Section Three: Treatment Tools, there are numerous exercises that will assist the client in increasing victim empathy, understanding his or her behaviors, highlighting cognitive distortions, and assisting with relapse prevention. Some of the exercises include Victim Empathy, Precycle Chart of Affect, Cognition, and Behavior, Feelings/Thoughts/Behaviors Exercise, Distortions in Cognitions, Factors that Contribute to Sexual Abuse, Stress/Fantasies/and Masturbation, Triggers, Relapse Prevention Plan Outline, and numerous treatment tests and quizzes.

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Contents of Workbook
Example of Clinical Essay
Example of Assessment Tool
Example of Treatment Tool
Example of Training Tool

The workbook is 181 pages in length, and is only available at this time as a PDF file. Those who have purchased the PDF version have related that it is much more practical because they can print out the full version and place in a folder; print out exercises for clients, or simply read and utilize the workbook on their computer. Understanding, Assessing, & Treating the Sexual Offender: Tools for the Therapist, PDF version, is only $9.95.

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"I have attended your two-day workshop and purchased your workbook. Our agency has purchased additional copies for our clinical staff to utilize and reference. Understanding, Assessing, and Treating Sexual Offenders is written in a clinician-friendly and consumer applicable manner. I have utlized the assessment tools with positive results. Your workbook contains valuable, usable tools for the clinician treating both adolescent and adult sexual offenders. I subscribe to {The Horizon Newsletter} and I look forward to your next trainings. Please be sure to publish the dates with advanced notice, as I want to send my staff. . ."-Jeffrey Fraser, MSW, CSW, NorServ Group, Ltd, Program Director

For a limited time, Understanding, Assessing, and Treating Sexual Offenders: Tools for the Therapist, will also be available online as a downloaded PDF file. You must use Acrobat PDF Reader to open file. To order, use our online secure credit card form below, and include the email address where it should be sent; or complete the form below and mail to the address listed. You will receive the workbook at an email attachment within four hours of purchase

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