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~ Bubba's Homepage of Lighthouses and Ships ~
~ Page 1 ~

Welcome to Page 1 of my Lighthouse & Ships homepages.
I am Robert, 28 from just north of Detroit, MI.

My interest in Ships began when I was about 4 years old and my family started to vacation
along the St. Clair River. During the vacations my grandfather and I would watch the large
cargo ships that would pass by so close that you could read their name. On a trip into town
we found a book called Know Your Ships that had all their names and sizes. We vacationed
there for about the next 5 summers so we began to recognize the ships either by sight or by
name. In 1989 my grandfather passed away and in his coffin I left one of the books and a
baseball since he came to my little league games. I spent the next several years searching for
collectibles for the ships but never could find any. During that time I noticed that alot of stores
had little lighthouse figurines and I wanted to buy them but I didn't have money for them.

When I was 19 (1995) I went to Tawas Point Light in Michigan with my Dad on a late fall trip
up north. The weather was nice that weekend and the light was open for tours so my Dad
and I both climbed the tower. We also went up to Sturgeon Point Light but it was closed.
Since then I have visited and photographed 80 lighthouses and have a fairly large figurine
collection. I've visited most of the Lower Peninsula lights of Michigan at least twice each.
I've visited the Upper Peninsula lights once each. I've visited Lake Superior lights in Minnesota
and Wisconsin. On a trip down south in 1998 I visited Hilton Head light in South Carolina. That
one has a gift shop at the top of the tower. In June 2000 I went to New England with a fellow
Group Co-Moderator and we visited lights in CT, RI, MA, NH, and ME.

I am Creator & Co-Moderator of a Group about Lighthouses and Ships.

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