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Big Mamoo. The 1st 359 with rectangular headlights, and a 63" sleeper, built in 1977.

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352 UniLite outside of 38801 Cherry Street.

GREAT REFERENCE BOOK! "Peterbilt, The evolution of Class" by Warren Johnson is jambpacked with history, specifications, model information and factory photos from the beginning through the late 90s. The Book is availble through Classic Motorbooks, or direct from the author, $45 hardbound, softcover slightly less.

Peterbilt, The Evolution of Class, Warren Johnson, 7143 E. Flagg Rd, Ashton, IL 61006. Warren is a Peterbilt historian, owning several Peterbilts including a fine looking 1961 351.


359 sporting the early 1970's brochure paint scheme, and one used by AMT model kits in the 359 kits.