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38801 Cherry Street, Newark, California in 1975, the old headquarters.

1967 Peterbilt 359 (or is that a 358?) wearing Pirkle emblems.

Unique paint scheme on a '75 359 at Newark.

New from the plant 352 with single stack and small fuel tanks

Another new from the plant 352

Tri-axle conventional at Motor Truck Distributors at Hayward, CA in 1975. Those are Mack Western F and R's in the background.

New 353 at Newark in '75. The 353 was the wide-front replacement for the long-running 351.

New 352 long wheelbase at Motor Truck Distributors

New '75 352 at Newark

Peterbilt set-back 359 in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan

2001 362E

Heavy duty 383. This was factory fresh in '75 in Newark

New 359 at Newark

New 352 behind the plant in Newark in '75

This was the company owned "parts getter," a '70-71 352 stake truck. All red, not much polish, if I remember it was a 63" daycab.

281 with wrecker body

'75 352H about ready to roll out of the Madison, TN plant. This is one of the 1st 352H's, not the high-mount door handles.

Well used '72 351 dumper in St.Ignace, Michigan, seen in 2000.

Advertisment used by Peterbilt in the mid '70s showing a late 60's 352 with Detroit Diesel 12v71 pulling the first space shuttle Enterprise.

Dan Bruno's Peterbilt 358. Possibly the last Little Window 358 built. Dan has restored this truck, originally the truck had a small bunk

Steve C's 1980 352H

'60's vintage 282 cabover from a Bekins advertisment.


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