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  1. YHWH, Blessed is His Name, is the Creator and sustainer of the entire universe; He creates and guides all creatures, and He alone made, makes, and will make everything.

  2. YHWH, Blessed is His Name, is echad (one); He is unique, and there is no uniqueness like His in any way, and that He alone is our Elohay, Who was, Who is, and Who always will be.

  3. YHWH, Blessed is His Name, is a pure spirit being. He is not physical and is not affected by physical phenomena, and there is nothing that can be compared whatsoever to Him.

  4. YHWH, Blessed is His Name, is eternal; He alone is without beginning or end.

  5. YHWH, Blessed is His Name, must be worshipped alone; to Him alone is it righteous to pray and it is not proper to pray to any other. There are no mediating powers, including angels, able freely to grant man's petitions.

  6. The prophets are true and their messages inspired by YHWH; Through them He has communicated His will, from time to time, to His chosen people.

  7. Moshe (Moses)is the greatest of all prophets; his prophecy is unique. Moshe's prophecy is not only true, but of a nature unapproached by that of any other prophet; it is the express will of YHWH for His chosen people. It is essential that Moshe's prophecy be unrivaled so that no later 'prophet' could ever claim that he had received a 'Torah' that superseded that of Moshe.

  8. The entire Torah is given by YHWH. Every word in the Torah was dictated directly to Moshe by YHWH.

  9. The Torah is immutable.. it is unchangable. Since the Torah was given in a pure language by YHWH, it cannot be improved upon in any way. Torah is eternal.

  10. YHWH knows all the thoughts and acts of man. Man's individual deeds are significant to Him and so are the hopes and thoughts that motivate man. YHWH is aware of and has perfect memory of everything man thinks and does.

  11. He rewards and punishes. No deed goes unrewarded or unpunished. This includes that one cannot cancel out a bad deed with a good one. Each is treated independently.

  12. Mashiach (Messiah) will return. We are to conduct our lives according to the Torah and remain faithful, that the Messiah will come at the time deemed by YHWH to be proper. This faith includes the principle that only the Davidic dynasty will provide the Messianic King.

  13. There will be a resurrection. The righteous dead will live again in the Messianic era, when the world will attain a new spiritual and physical level of perfection.

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