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Miscellaneous Doll Goodies

Molly (American Girl doll character) Movie Review
Dolls You May Like
Life of Faith Dolls
Vinyl Baby Dolls for Your Dolls
Doll Challenge
Only Hearts Club Dolls
Find Vintage Children's Books
Give Dolls a Makeover
Chinese Tunic Pattern
Make Mini Dolls for YOUR Dolls!
Make your own 18" collector doll: Present Day Irish| Historical Jewish
Make Extra Historical Dresses for American Girl Dolls
Waldorf-style dolls

Make a Mini American Girl Collection

Find Out About the Mini Dolls
The Story Behind My Mini Josefina Collection
Book (what to do with the miniature book)
Goats and Other Animals
Kitchen Accessories
Rugs/Woven Blankets/Wall Decorations
Skirts/Other Clothing Ideas
Shadowbox--Finished Project
Make a Mini American Girl of Today

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