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You met a young lady, who is quite far away,
she sounds like An^Angel, you spoke to her the other day.

She makes you laugh, with her playful ways.
You wonder how she looks, and your mind begins to stray.

You snap out of it quickly because your mind begins to say,
"You know who you are, so stop this right away!"

And you say to yourself, no big deal, we're just strangers anyway
that's all we're just strangers at least for today!

Then you're alone, and your mind plays a trick
You run for the computer to check for her nick.

An^Angel, she's waiting just like she said, so quiet and alone.
You think you love her, but what do you know!

Nothing is real in this world of make believe.
Yet you found her, you need her, how can this be.

You're strangers after all,
that's all just strangers at least for today
By Alexandria Hamed 3-6-1998

All Right's Reserved