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Be Still My Heart

Sometimes love hits you in the face, sometimes it is just a breath away, sometimes we pass love by. During my life I have drempt of love. I have drempt of an everlasting love. So far life has left me beguilded with only my thoughts . So here for you are some of my thoughts of Love....and what it means to me.


God Love's us all with Love so pure.
What can I say that's worth a heart to endure.
If you would give him your life, I am sure,
he would teach you to love with,
By Alexandria Hamed 3-6-1998

All Rights Reserved

I have I am sure you all do....Can you find it in my writing.

The Mind

Eight fathoms deep within the mind
The flashing lights, the nerves entwined,
Enter with care as thoughts may flare
And pictures emerge from within the glare
Enter only if you dare,
Eight fathoms deep within the mind.

Stories and Poems are my Life.
All Are Original and Copyrighted.
My Family and Friends are my Inspiration.

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My heart was shattered and my writings are random, so do not over expect from me.

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