Custom 25th Anniversary GI Joe Bionic Commando

If you're an old school video game fan then you know who Rad Spencer is, the original Bionic Commando! This high-swinging hero was the star of one of the groundbreaking games for the original nintendo. He's already been customized as a Sigma 6 Bionic Commando but I wanted to give him the 25th Anniversary treatment. He of course comes with his extendable bionic arm that he can hang or swing by to cause conquer all obstacles!

Head: Tomax with Fixit Sculpted hair
Body/arms: Indiana Jones German Soldier
Waist/legs/sunglasses: Comic 2-pack Firefly
Bionic Arm: Creech bendy tendril and scraps
Bandolier: Roadblock's ammo belt

Bionic Commando