Bionic Commando (8-bit Nintendo Version)

Up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, no it's Bionic Commando! Who doesn't remember the free-swinging hero from the old Nintendo game? He had that bionic arm that shot out and let you swing around or grab items. In all other side-scrolling action games you had to jump over pits and obstacles, and Bionic Commando forever changed that. So to relive the old NES game I present Bionic Commando in all his green suited glory! He was made from a Sigma 6 Adventure Team Recondo with Long Range's arm, and Firefly's gauntlet. I sculpted his hair with Fixit Sculpt and it was my first attempt at making spikey hair. His bendy bionic arm is the hose from a build-a-figure ML Apocalypse and you can attach the swinging claw which houses a powerful neodyne magnet so he can hang to a metal surface! Also I gave him a pickup claw so he can grab items as well. The gun was a combination of Iron Grenadier accessory parts and styled to look like the honking big gun he toted around in the game. A basic uniform paint job later and he was ready to swing into action! Hope BC brings back memories and look for the new game to be released soon. He'll probabaly show up in a far future issue of the Official Playstation Magazine if Bionic Commando is released on the PS3, so keep an eye out!

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