Custom Wolverine with Magnetic Steel Claws

Here's a fan request that I've recieved a few times: "Create a Wolverine with magnetic removable claws." Here you go! It's basically the new 'silver edition' Wolverine exclusive from Toys R Us with Fixit Sculpted ears and boot fins like my MvC2 Wolvie. This time I wrapped the claws in wire, positioned them, then soldered them together, sculpting the casings on the back with fixit. I found flat rare earth magnets and glued them to the back of Wolvie's hands next. Then I swiped some regular non-extended-claw casings (I think they were from a stealth Wolvie) and glued a small piece of metal to the bottom of those so you can swap between claws or the empty casings. The magnets hold strong and you don't have to worry about losing individual claws now as they come off in a set of three.