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My Favorite Links

This Page is an homage to all artists and good souls I have come to cross in my web searches and stayings.They are mainly sites for designers and artists across the web, but some of them are actually some of my friend's rock band's sites :) I'd like to thank in particularJean-Marc Rulier for the wonderful artwork he created from a tiny pic of mine once,that you can see as Main Image here,and for the image out from another picture of mine which is background for pages in my site.His art is awesome, check it (his gallery is outstanding...), and as person he is just adorable. I would like to thank Jim for being the friend he is, and all people who felt like sharing something of their lives with me. In these links you can find firstly people, very amazing people, then their art or passions displayed. Don't fear the risk, and get in touch with them!
Enjoy and just surf!!!
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PunkClown's Page
Irene's Page
Stephen Palmer's Site
Ingrid Kamerbeek @
Dave Z's Page
Uwe G's Jarling Arts

Staring@TheSun Il Sito dei fans di Raffaele Tizzano (in loving memory of Denise P. kisses, your Meli xxxx)

I love that the artwork in this page is a kind courtesy of JRulier.. well, click on his site here and get from there to his Deviant Art gallery!

Jean-Marc Rulier's Deviant Art Page
Jean-Marc Rulier's examples of art
The amazing art of Bev Hodson (bevchiron)
Titta's beautiful site
Matteo Ceccarini's Factory


Yourgeorgie's First gallery
Shugmonkey's Page
Gabriele Magurno's site (Super-Gabry!!!)
JPSoft's MindGameSite
danob's site
Bernard Dumaine's masterworks
Ralph Werner's creations
Stephen Whitehead (raven_nightmares)'s site
Paata (NURBS55)'s site
Cneofotistos's awesome art
Harmony 's dreams online
Erika's site : so get delighted :)
Syncortex: Synapse magic
Ilona (vlaaitje)'s awesome site. Poetry and Art
BlackUnicorn's page of ArtsQuebec (French Language)
Gene Bradford (geneb19)'s supersite!
Pascale's lovely site (she rocks!)
TamelJ's awesome site for art and more!
Cassie's magic Site!!!!!!!
twisted_angel_9's site :)
Tore13's site and exhibit of artists!
Vijay's beautiful site :)
pinkeiga's site
Marty Kolator's Site (linkinpark!)

Art and Music: click down here, you can't fail!!

The immense Art of Jason Felix
Ed Ramirez (figharo)'s stunning works
FantasioX's exposition!
Synapse's Music Now
Amazing Fractals by David!
Kat's visions!!!
R&K Winter's Magic (Freeze!!!)
A Realm of pure magic by Stephanie
Vod's unbeatable sight on life
Conny's Coolness and Passion are online!
Angel Estevez creations
Cheryl's sweetness in images and words
Fabian Montana's Site
John's Universe:he lives and dedicates his time to Digital Marvels!
Gecko's Band site (Go NECTAR!!!!!!)
This is goog's Band Site (Music and Coolness: CHECK!!)
Wilem and Madeleine's site
NataLibera70 (Vale!!) Site :)
Valeria Tornesello and her MOSAICS :)
catmandennis (Dennis R. Scott) Site!
Francesco D'Isa's art