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Meli's Sporty Page: Go Fiorentina!!!

Mens Sana in Corpore Sano

I've always been a devoted soul when it had to come down to sport.
I did practice agonistical activity in swimming till reaching in my 15/16 the pre-olympic team of swimming in my Region.Then, to not leave the normal life of a teenager, I gave up to glorious chances to be in the National Olympic team cos... for me friends and love always meant more than winning competitions, and I had no heart to shut down all social aspects of my life to pursuit a real sport career. My trainer almost had an heart attack :P! ;).
Still, I kept practicing tons of sports, from spinning, to horse driving... to running till the usual gym stuff everybody should do :) Sport is a phylosophy and a way to be healthy, first, and fit and energetic then :) Laziness is bad!!!
Although sometimes, you know, to be totally lazy can be top ;)!
Below you can see some sites I am into dedicated mainly to my ADORED football team, Fiorentina :) The site is also in english, so you can surf from all world. Enjoy and... stay well and up :)Sport makes your spirit free and shining, and teach you determination, driven will, and loyalty turn you into a better person than you were before trying hard to topo your own performances.
Purple Kisses (Purple is Fiorentina's social colour!) from Purple-herted Meli :)xxxx

Meaningful Sporting Sections (available in English)

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Italian Football League Official Site
C.O.N.I. (Italian Sports Official site)
old version of Sporty Meli(fuss, fun&tips)
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