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Meli's Friends Blogs online!

me on train, autoshot with iso 200 and flash, no postwork

Blogs are currently one of the hypes of web world :) I have to confess I was thinkin of creatin my own one but being my site nothing more than a blog anyway, although very composite,and lackin me time enough for following my blog decently anyway, I thought of creatin a page to host my friends' blogs instead, to let you all know some of them.I have a Blog as well HERE but it's a bit peculiar showing of myself ;) Feel free to ask me to add your own ones too, by mailing me at the address below :) Enjoy this peculiar and at times absolutely shining form of literature online, and believe me carefully choose those who are gonna make richer this space.
Ehy you people otta there!Here new blogs can be added at any time! watch out!
NOTE:All writing of the blogs listed have content not dependent on the owner's of this website. All opinions listed there are exclusive of the Blog's writers. The language contained must also be unsuitable for childrens. The owner of this website declines all responsibility for the above-mentioned contents. Copyright policy is enabled as everywhere else in this site.

Long live to Bloggers!! Enjoy :)

Baz's Blog
izzi's Blog (German language)
Cameron (PunkClown)'s Blog
Mikael (nagishiva)'s Blog (new! from Fall 2004)
The Middle Ear (dryguy1)
The Perverse Pencil (dryguy2)
Matteo Ceccarini's Blog (mixed language)
lmm's Blog (Portuguese)
Notreality (Cameron's Photoblog 1)
Aporeality (Cameron's photoblog 2)
World Of Pop (Brent's Blog)
Meli's Poetry Blog (Eng and ITA)
Meli's Blog (ENG)
Meli's ITALIAN Blog
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