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Pastor Scott Olin - "SHAKE, RATTLE AND ROLL" -


Pastor Scott Olin, SW Washington


Just look Just take one moment of time and look at it


Every place on planet earth - the hand of God is shaking something, someone, some place and EVERY part of the church, and the folks who dare to name Jesus as Lord of their lives. 


Everyone has an opinion about the season of shaking that we are presently experiencing, particularly in the church. I've heard the reports of so called experts who seemingly have cornered the market on the will of God. Some would believe it is an all out attack from the enemy.   Others would believe that it is judgment, directly from the throne of God.  Still others would say it's the grace of Jesus awakening us to this hour and time we're in; that it is a natural result of the things we've seen come to pass in the last year or so. 


I imagine that the truth is that it is all of the above, happening all at the same time.  It's not a stretch to see all these things happening today.  Yet, in all this - God IS in control. 


Regardless of what we see and think, what we feel and sense, God in heaven will have the last word when all the dust has settled. 


Let me throw a few thoughts at you as it relates to this shaking we are most definitely in the midst of. 


First of all: God is directly involved with what is going on.  Sure, satan will always try to mess with us, especially when he is aware that the Holy Spirit is up to some amazing stuff. Satan may have his fingers in there, but the Father of all life is definitely at work with, and in His church.


We have to take it by faith - that God is a good God and that everything he does, though it may ouch for a moment, is good and right.


What?! You really believe that God does everything to appeal to our flesh; that which looks good to the natural eye? 


Sweetheart, He's trying to kill the flesh!  And last I checked we're still supposed to walk in the Spirit, by faith - not by what we see.  If we get our eyes off the shaking, we may see clearly what the King is up to in this hour.


In Ezekiel 37 – we see that God took the brother out in the spirit for the purpose of showing him a valley FULL of DRY BONES. 


In vs. 2 he says, "there were very many, and low, they were very dry.” 


Very dry: No life; No future; As a result of the condition of these bones, no fruit; no reproducing. 


It was a pretty bleak picture to show the prophet.  Notice, that while these bones were GATHERED there was no life.   But the Bible says in vs.7 that as the prophet prophesied as he was commanded, there was a noise, and then a SHAKING! 


When this happed, here it is… "Bones came together, bone to his bone." 


There are 206 bones in the human body.  In vs. 11, God says that these bones are the whole house of Israel. If you can get your mind wrapped around how many potential bodies we're talking about, then multiply that by 206, we're talking about a lot of bones


In vs. 2 they were “gathered”.  But in vs.7, they were “ASSEMBLED!”  God is taking us to a new level in him.  He is assembling His church according to His own good pleasure. 


I Cor.12:18  "But now hath God set the members every one of them in the body, as it hath pleased him." 


I believe one thing that God intends to accomplish in the midst of this shaking is to shake us into the right place; the place that He called us to, from the foundation of the world. 


What's your purpose in life?  What was in the mind of Almighty God when he formed you?


When I find purpose, when I'm walking according to the will of God for my life, as it relates to what he's called me to do in the kingdom, He then can “assemble” me.  He can connect me to the spot, and to the bone, that He has foreordained me to be hooked up with. 


He will not connect a toe to a wrist.  Neither will he hook up a neck to a knee; However, WE might try to do that! 


Just because we can sing, we think that we must be on a worship team; Or because we deal well with people, we are feel we MUST be the one to be at the door on Sunday morning greeting the people as they come in.


I personally would rather do the two things Jesus has called me to, and do them right; rather then find twenty things to do, and just do them good.  If I'm going to benefit the body, I need to be connected to the right spot. 


God did not connect a leg from the tribe of Judah, to a foot from the tribe of Gad; it was not just a random act! He had a plan; He put those bodies together, bone to his bone. He restructured and raised each person up - to the proper place.


The result in vs. 10 was an exceeding great army.


This shaking is to get us, as individuals, and as the church of Jesus Christ - one step closer to destiny.  He is hooking us up, one with another to the proper place he's called us to. 


Just look! Look at all the transitions; in the place you worship, as well as in your community.  God is changing and readjusting things, and people all over the world.  He is connecting bone to His bone.  Not just to ANY bone, but "BONE TO HIS BONE!" 


He is shaking some things out of us, so he can shake some things into us; and shake us into the right place. 


Here's the trick: Get your eyes off of the shaking


Go back to the picture in vs. 7.  The whole thing looked chaotic But... IT WAS THE HAND OF GOD!


It was in the midst of that chaotic moment that those bones came together into proper position. 


You may be experiencing some chaotic stuff in your life right now.  Yes, it could be the enemy; but I assure you - you still have power and authority over satan! Exercise the word of God, and get rid of him!


Stay as close as possible to Jesus.  Satan won't come around you when you hunker down under the wing of God.  Once you have determined that where you're at in life is most certainly Jesus, then set back, trust him, and watch what this seemingly chaotic season will produce in your life, for Gods glory.


During this bone-connecting season, folks will leave their church-home to worship elsewhere.  Folks will leave the city, and even the Country.  People you were sure would be around forever will walk away - to be reconnected with someone else, with some other ministry, according to the voice of God.


Pastors that God originally called to be an evangelist will head-out across the nation and nations; your worship leader may hit the mission fields in Uganda.  Know this: it may all seem pretty chaotic, even crazy at times, but it is the hand of the Lord building his house according to his will.  No longer will he permit us to build in vain.  He's building for his glory, and for the purpose of revealing himself to the world - very, very soon.


One last thought, this is a key: If you are a leader and have opportunity to communicate the Word of God, you may find this helpful: 


Vs. 7  "So I prophesied as I was commanded...”  What did he prophesy?  He prophesied what he had heard in vs. 4-6.


In short: What was being declared in heaven, was heard, and in turn declared on planet earth.  As the people of God – it is time to say what God is saying, not what he said, some time ago.


Something amazing and powerful happens when we, as Gods sons, repeat the words that are being spoken in the third heaven. 


This whole thing transpired as the Rhema Word of God was being declared on planet earth.  He said: "So I prophesied, and as I did, there was a noise, and then a shaking.”  It took that for bone to be connected to His bone. 


Don't fight this shaking sweetheart, enjoy it; it will get you to the other side!


Pastor Scott