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Pastor Scott Olin - "FATHER or PHARISEE" -


 Pastor Scott Olin, Washington State


Then came to Jesus scribes and Pharisees, which were of Jerusalem, saying, why do thy disciples transgress the tradition of the elders?  For they wash not their hands when they eat bread.  But he answered and said unto them, Why do ye also transgress the commandment of God by your tradition?   Matthew 15:1-3


Jesus spoke well of the heart and motives of these men.  They didn't say anything about the law of God, rather the TRADITION OF THE ELDERS.


Webster says  Tradition:  An inherited, established, or customary pattern of thought, action or behavior.  The handing down of information, beliefs, and customs by the word of mouth,or by example from one generation to another WITHOUT WRITTEN INSTRUCTION! 


What does it mean to "Transgress the commandment of God?" vs 3.   The word transgresses means to go contrary to, to violate. 


Jesus was saying that the traditions of the elders had transgressed the law, or the word of God.  We are not called to transgress His word but to Progress His word.  The prefix trans means to change, or it means to be on the other side of.


The prefix "pro" means to affirm, or it means to be in favor of.


To make matters worse, in vs.6 Jesus says it was the traditions of the elders that had caused His word to be of none effect. Or rather to invalidate the word, or to render the word void, depriving it of the force and authority it carries.  It's pretty sobering to think that we possess something more powerful than even the word of God, our traditions. 


Remember, there was then and there are now those traditions that have come directly from the heart of God, and from His word.   Those are the things we need to hold on to. 


Communion, the body and blood of our Lord is not just a tradition, but rather a commandment set by the Lord Jesus himself and later affirmed by the Apostle Paul.  There are things that have been set in stone according to His word that we are to acknowledge and submit to as we practice them.


The traditions that Jesus was talking about, and still is, are those things that are birthed from the heart of man that are passed from generation to generation, and are never found in the word of God.  These invalidate His word.


So, what are we talking about?  Glad you asked! 


Vs. 2.  "Jesus, why are your guys sitting down to lunch with out first washing there hands?  You know that this is a TRADITION that we've kept for years and even generations!  What makes your disciples think that they are above washing and cleaning up before they eat the bread?"


ʖ Does the blood of the ancient Pharisees run through the heart of the church in the day that we live in? 

ʖ Do you think it's possible?  


I believe one of the most significant moves of God as it relates to the prodigals is about to unfold.  Those that years ago accepted Jesus as Lord and King, only to walk away for numerous reasons, are getting ready (by the Holy Ghost) to once again step back into the romance and intimacy that the Father has longed for.  And when they come they may bring with them some interesting things.  Habits, language, wild and menacing attire and attitudes, hurts, wounds, and we won't even try to discuss their hair. 


Not only the prodigal, but those folks that are coming to know Jesus for the first time - They're coming as well!  And how will they see the church?  


¨      Friend or foe? 

¨      Comfort or combative?

¨      Safe or savage? 


What will they see when they come to the doors of our buildings?  What will they hear and perceive?


The Pharisees in Mt. 15 thought it only right and proper to have the disciples wash before receiving bread. 


Quick thought:  Who is the bread of life?  Yes.    You're correct.  Jesus is the bread of life.  The bread sent down from heaven.


How are we - according to His own words - to approach Him as the bread of life, so as to receive Him as the bread of life? 


¨      Do the clothes need to be right? 

¨      Or even clean for that matter? 

¨      Does the hair have to be in a "Holy Ghost bun?" to receive this bread of life?  

¨       Am I able to receive Him as this bread of life when my heart is hard and wounded,  or do I have to be perfect in attire and attitude to receive this bread of life?   


The truth is Jesus said, "whosoever will!"  … That's me!


That's me on the good days, and the bad days!  I need this ‘Bread of Life’ we call Jesus


Want to know something? So do you sweetheart!  Everyday! 

So will everyone walking into the doors of our churches. 


Problem!  If I stand back with the heart of the Pharisee, and demand that the sick, lame and withered get fixed and all cleaned up before I give them this bread, woe be it unto me!


If I insist that they quit smoking, chewing (GROSS!) drinking, cussing and messing around before I offer them this ‘Bread of life’ - woe be it unto me! 


If I welcome them with the heart of the older brother in Luke 15, and not with the heart of the Father, than I truly do not understand the purpose for the death and resurrection of Jesus.


These Pharisees and scribes, according to the TRADITIONS OF THE ELDERS, demanded that the disciples of Jesus wash and clean up before they partook of the bread.  Do we do that to those coming who are still a bit rough around the edges?  Or do we give them Jesus?  The bread sent down from heaven? 


Messed up lives, problems, drug and alcohol abuse; on the fourth marriage, and haven't taken a shower for 21 days… do I still give them Jesus and feed them the bread that brings life? 


The truth is, we want to clean the fish before we catch them.  It's tradition!  Passed on down through time and generations. The problem is, you can't find that thinking in the life of Jesus, or in the word of God.


God bless you!  

Pastor Scott