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I think when you use the word " donkey, " there are possibly a handful of words that come to mind, that we would use to defin

Not Another Donkey?!!?

Pastor Scott Olin, SW Washington


I think when you use the word "donkey” there are possibly a handful of words that come to mind, that we would use to define this critter; Stubborn, rebellious even defiant might be a few.  You'd have better luck with a piece of lumber to the back of the skull when trying to get their attention.  Not the easiest animal to work with.  Interestingly enough, that's the very thing Jesus chose to reveal himself through. 


Go back and reread Mark 11:1-7.  Especially vs. 2.  Jesus is getting ready to ride into Jerusalem.  He's getting ready to show himself, reveal himself, make himself known, I mean REALLY KNOWN! and he chooses to do so on the back of a donkey.  Yes, you're right.  It had to be done to fulfill scripture, (Zech. 9:9) but it paints the most incredible picture for you and I, and I believe that it is a picture for today as it relates to what the Father and our King have in mind. 


If the Godhead has a sleeve, what do you suppose is up that sleeve?  I suppose many things, but one thing I do believe is that God has targeted some unlikely folks to carry his glory in the hour that we're living in.  Seemingly, they fit the bill.  They seem a bit rebellious and stubborn.


Maybe even a little thick between the ears.  Yet the Lord has targeted them and their generation to show Himself strong.  Does that mean God is done with us old folks?  NO!  However, what that does mean is God is looking for those hearts who will be spiritual moms and dads to the group of people, who on the outside seem a bit questionable, but they have the heart and passion of Jesus, the Lion of Judah.  


Who are we talking about?  You know as well as I do:

·         They have blue hair, green hair, red hair, no hair; 

·         They have 31 piercings, in the left ear two in the nose;

·         For whatever reason, always have a hard time pulling their pants up all the way!

·         They look weird, talk weird, think weird, smell weird. 


I can go on and on.  We have a problem!  And it's not the kids!  It's us!  We are guilty of being caught in the lie of satan that would try to convince us that if they don't look like me, well then obviously something must be wrong. 


Who am I to tell the ever present, always perfect God what He is and isn't going to do Let alone how he chooses to do it, and what it looks like? 


By nature, a donkey is stubborn, defiant and rebellious.  And Jesus chose that vehicle to make Himself known. That animal was prepared and set aside, just for the occasion.  Just for The Master.  He's got his eye on a whole bunch of colts. 


Watch this now.  Where did the disciples find this colt?  Vs.2  "Go your way into the village over AGAINST YOU.”  The phrase "against you" meant "opposite of you."  From the word opposite we get the word "oppose" – And that's where you find them, that’s where they hang out; and that's where the Lord is looking. 


These colts will come from some places that "oppose our thinking!"  In my mind they will have a Bible college education;  Formal seminary training; Clean cut, and everything in place.  But the truth of the matter is they're coming from places and back grounds that will stretch us in a big way.  They will come out of drugs, alcohol, messed-up home lives, broken marriages, witchcraft, homosexuality, murder, theft, and the list goes on and on.  They will come out of education, without education, from secular humanism, cults and the groups that even now try to fight against the King and his Kingdom.  O yes they will! 


Never forget the apostle Paul.  They are coming from places and backgrounds that will truly challenge us, and God willing, to ask ourselves this one question: "Will I truly turn over my heart to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and permit him to do all that's in his heart in the hour I find myself living in?" 


God will do anything He chooses,  with or without my OK.


I want to be a spiritual dad to these folks; what's that look like?  Well, in verse two, Jesus said that this colt had never been sat upon before.


If we choose to be involved with what the Holy Spirit is doing, we may find ourselves dealing with some "unbroken" colts.  Again, it points back to the very nature of the critter.  To train up, to disciple with love and gentleness - what an awesome opportunity for some!


Isn’t it our call, our commission - to let the love of Jesus soften and mold hurting, broken hearts, and bring healing?  Many will be unbroken, and Jesus knows what's needed for them to surrender to him fully, so that He will be able to show Himself mighty through their lives, their experience, and their testimony. 


What a privilege to co-labor with Jesus in this way.  The scripture says that this colt was tied, and needed to be loosed. That seems pretty clear: not only loose them and bring freedom, but to ultimately bring them to Jesus.


There is a lot more in this passage as it relates to colts that we don't have time to look at today; maybe we can finish this up at another time. 


The challenge is simple:  Will we be a part of the King and His Kingdom? Will we be excited when He shows Himself strong and mighty – regardless of how and in whom?  I trust we will.


There are thousands, and even millions of young colts out there who need someone to come along side of them and help lead them into destiny and purpose.  They're rough around the edges, and it will take the heart of a father to deal with what God has chosen to do in this hour.  


Remember.  His grace is sufficient for the hour.  We echo today the heart of our Lord so long ago.  "The Lord has need of them."


God Bless You,

Pastor Scott