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Pastor Scott Olin - "AUTHENTIC" -




The word authentic means "to conform to the original so as to reproduce essential features."


The bible says that Jesus was the first born of all of creation. He is the original. He is the word of God, and God made

us in His image and His likeness.


We by nature (the new nature) are created to look like the word, to look like Jesus, the original. All this is necessary if we are ever going to reproduce what is essential.


Now, we in the body of Christ have produced a ton of stuff. I'm not sure if ALL of it is essential! If we have (and we have) produced things out of mans intellect, the flesh and a carnal soul, there may not be to much essential about that stuff. Only that which comes from the breath of God is

essential. We must look like Jesus.

I've always thought it interesting that at 12 years old Jesus had enough talent, giftedness and ability to run with the big dogs in Israel. Here's what I mean.


Luke 2:46-47. "And it came to pass, that after three day's they found him in the temple, sitting in the midst of the doctors, both hearing them, and asking them questions. And all that heard him were astonished at his understanding and answers."

At twelve Jesus knew and understood enough about the word of God to astound and keep up with the best that Israel had to offer. But, and here's where it gets interesting. Vs.51-52. "And he went down with them, and came to Nazareth, and was subject unto them....."

Before I go any further with this let me say this to you. God IS NOT promoting talent, giftedness, preaching and teaching and worship leading abilities in this hour. Yes. The gift and the call are without repentance. That never changes. But, in this hour God is promoting something else. He's promoting and bringing to the forefront men and women of integrity and Godly character. We can preach and teach to the masses, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, do signs and wonders and miracles. But as long as the leaders in the church are running off with the money, the secretary or in some cases the head deacon, the world will still be able to say, "And why must I be saved? I can act like that with out knowing this Jesus!"

In the first 1/3 of His life, Jesus had a whole bunch of talent and ability. As we said earlier, enough to keep up with the best that Israel had to offer. But it was the next process that took up 2/3's of His life before the Father released Him into public ministry. God took Him DOWN into Nazareth, and He became SUBJECT unto His parents. Now, we're talking about talent vs. character. What's important to the Father? What example did He give us through the life of His Son Jesus?

Nazareth means, at least according to Mr. Easton and Mr. Hitchcock, SEPARATED! That's the place that the Father took Him to prepare Him for the ministry to come.


A place called separated. A place of separation. Now, God is according to Eph. 5:27, sending His Son for a bride with out spot or wrinkle. A glorious, blemish free, HOLY CHURCH.


Let me deal with the word HOLY for one moment. The Lord is pretty committed to Eph. 5:27. He'll not deviate from it in the slightest. The word holy in the Greek language is hag-ee-os. The fundamental idea is SEPARATION!!!!!!!! It means devotion and consecration to the service of deity, sharing in Gods purity and abstaining from the earth's defilement. In this hour God is stirring up in His church a purity and devotion that smells and tastes like Eph. 5:27.

NAZARETH: That's where the Father took His Son to prepare Him, and that's where He has us today. In that place of separation; not separated from the world, but from the spirit of this age, from the spirit of the world. Separate from those things that defile and pollute what God is trying to do in the lives and hearts of His church today.


You can have all the talent in the world. Preach to the masses, raise the dead, cast out critters, but do you have the character that Jesus walked in? Do you walk in God like integrity?


            Husbands, do you love your wife the way Christ loved His church?

            Are you raising your children in the same grace God raised you with?

            Are you honest with your money and your word?

            Gentlemen, are you keeping your mind straight when you see a 6 ft. blond with a short skirt walk by?


We have proven over the years that we can do the stuff. You know, the stuff: Speak with new tongues, heal the sick, cast out critters, etc. But can we walk the walk and live a life of integrity in mind and heart that Jesus did? God WILL have a church free and SEPARATED from this stuff.

Know this also: Nazareth is in Zebulon, in the southern most part of the Lebanon Mt. range. Lebanon means White." The word white is equated to pure. But the word comes from a root that means "HEART." A white, or Pure Heart! That's the place God took Jesus naturally, to a separated place. To a place meaning white or pure heart! It's the place He's taking us today. Developing a pure-separated heart! Developing His character and integrity in us, so as to be the church He's promised all of creation.

So how do we know that the Father was teaching His Son integrity and character? Here's where it could get lengthy. But I'll be brief. In vs. 52 the Bible says that Jesus grew in favor with God and man. Ps.147:11 says: The Lord favors those who fear Him."


If God was favoring His Son, it's because His Son was walking in the fear and reverential awe of God. Remember, that's what fear means: Awe, and reverence towards God. Those qualities build in us a character that is pleasing to the Father.


The fear of the Lord holds me to His commandments, causes me to live an uncompromising life, causes me to love my neighbor as myself. It builds in me Christ like character, and that pleases the Father. He favors those who do. The Bible also says that He became "subject unto them."


SUBJECT is the word hupo-tasso; it means to be put in an orderly fashion under something. Jesus, the creator of the universe, understood how important it was to submit to the authority that the Father had put over Him. I imagine Joseph taught him the importance of an honest days work. And from His mother: how to help with his brothers and sisters and the day-to-day needs of the household. We may not always think that these things produce Godlike character. But they do.

That's the short version, but I hope you catch the spirit of what I'm saying today.


One last thought: As we said earlier, the gift and the call are without repentance. Once God calls and gifts you, He won't change His mind; it's there for life. Even He can't, and won't take it away. However, integrity, and Godlike character are a choice. You can be wrapped up in sin, or in an adulterous affair, cheating the IRS, overcome with anger, lust, unforgiveness, and the gift could work. The Father is looking for those who are holding to and longing for the character of Jesus.


Those who like Moses knew his ways, not just His power, and walked in a life of Godly integrity and character before His Lord. Like all things in this life, He gives us choices.


God Bless you,

 Pastor Scott