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Muppet Mania

This section is devoted to all the Muppets!
Please click here to hear the Swedish Chef!

Muppet Mania Article

Brian Henson Don't Hold Grudges

TV Guides Interviews Billy Crystal About Working with Muppets

Saved From Extinction

Kermit Unpigged Article From Tutti Magazine

The Muppets and Stevie Wonder!

Motor Madness

Crazed Pigs Mob Spock!
Dr. Strangepork Lands An Interview With Leonard Nimoy

A Meeting Of The Minds
Dr. Julius Strangepork Interviews Dr. Isaac Asimov

Just Kermit and Me! (story)

The Muppet Christmas Carol (story)

Brian Henson Director of The Muppet Christmas Carol

Gonzo's Guide to The Muppet Christmas Carol

Michael Caine: The Man Behind Scrooge

Dickens Gets a Muppet Makeover

Disney Adventures Talks to TV's Dinosaurs Family

The Muppets Take Manhattan (story)

The Dark Crystal (story)

Jerry Juhl, Co-Creator of 'Fraggle Rock'