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Kermit Upigged Article
From Tutti Magazine

Hey, have you heard the new Kermit Unpigged album yet? It's totally hysterical and wacky! Just what you'd expect from those kooky Muppets! Well, recently Tutti snuck onto the set of the latest video from her funky puppet pals-and here's the scoop! (Remember: You're never too old to appreciate the fine talents of the Muppets!)

The clip for the first single off of the hot new release is a remake of the Fine Young Canibals classic, "She Drives Me Crazy," and the concept is as follows: Music execs tell Miss Piggy that her new video just doesn't have enough stars in it. Yikes! That's quite an earful to a pig with an ego the size of Texas! In any case, the Muppets manage to round up some of the hottest stars in Hollywood and New York to appear in the video, and everybody's happy!
While stars like Brian Austin Green and Vanna White showed up to tape cameos on the West Coast, Muppet Central's East Coast HQ was a-rockin' and a-rollin' with tons of celebs, too! In the three hours we were there, lotsa major stars popped in! Each and every one of them had the chance to sing (or lip synch) a verse of the song-and dance 'n' get kooky for the cameras! AND, each celeb was interviewed by Clifford, the hottest new Muppet in Muppetland! He's a totally hip Rasta dude-and he's a great shade of purple!
Who was one of the first to march in and film her part? Well...Ricki Lake, for one! And the cute 'n' bubbly talk show host was all too thrilled to hang with her fave Muppets! "I always loooved Elmo," gushed the pretty brunette. And by the way, Ricki's got some voice: She belted out the chorus pretty well, if ya ask us!
Heavy D was next, and the tons-o-fun hip-hopper was just about as wild 'n' crazy as one can get! So was comedian Denis Leary, who spent much of his time making pig faces for the camera! What a jokester!
We hate to play favortites, but we have to admit that the all-time funniest dude of the day had to have been nutty-guy comedian Gilbert Gotfried. Gilbert was amazing as he screamed out the entire song while making his famous "Gilbert face"! He had the entire crew rolling on the floor! Even Clifford had a hard time keeping a straight face during his interview!

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